Saturday, May 3, 2014

The 12 Rolling Stones of your inheritance; in Christ, you're blessed more than you can imagine!

As the first rays of the sun peered from the eastern edge of the desert ushered in by the joyful singing of the birds, Joshua lay awake... not that he was able to sleep that night. He was too excited. Finally, the day had come to cross the Jordan into the promised land. He had seen it's hills and valleys, brooks and streams, and fruitful fields waving with glee a long 40 years ago on a covert mission to survey the country. Now at last, he would lead his entire nation to possess their inheritance from God.

It was spring, the sky was brilliant blue and the sun clear and yellow. As the camp arose and packed whatever remained of their belongings, they marched to the River Jordan, swollen by the season's rains and the melting snow of the Lebanon Mountains to the north. The Ark, carried by the priests, went before them. All they had to do was walk into the cold river and stand... it's waters would recede and the nation would pass through it as on dry land. It happened just as God said. And as the last child and goat crossed into the inheritance, Joshua commanded that one man from each tribe should descend to the river bed. Each would collect a boulder, rounded by the waters over time. They would then take these stones and lay them on the western banks, in a place that would be called "Rolling Stones" or "Gilgal" in Hebrew. 

Twelve stones would mark the first time they set foot in their inheritance, a land of "milk and honey". After 40 years of wandering in the desert, living on heavenly manna, the bread of angels would stop being given and instead, the fruit of the land, tasty as the delights of Eden, would be their daily portion. 

These 12 stones each stood for something... not a tribe from a nation, but a blessing of heaven made freely available to you by the death and resurrection of the Christ - symbolized by the crossing of the Jordan River. It's time you discovered your inheritance and what you're truly called for!

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By David Roiel
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