Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You don't need to try to be what you already are; holy and righteous just like your Father.

"That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." John 3:6

The cafe was packed and busy. The sky outside was crystal clear, but though the sun was strong the winter chill still lingered on that spring day. We were warm and snug, in our little corner by the window. In front of me, my wife sat enjoying her scrumptious baguette and cheese sandwich while my son sat at my side dug into his crispy and fresh croissant.

Savoring the moment with my treasured family, suddenly out pops the head of a penguin-dressed waiter from behind a wall. He takes a quick look in our direction, nods his head and mutters a fews word to someone unseen. As quickly as he appeared, he vanishes but another waiter takes his place, sticks his head out, looks toward us and does the same. I turn around to see if there is something happening behind us outside, but there's nothing out of the ordinary. Realizing that I had noticed all this, one of the penguins (I mean waiters) comes to our table with a smile and with a French accent says, "It's undeniable... your son is your son. His head is just like yours!"

 He's right, but it's not just his head that's identical to mine. My son is a carbon copy of me only far handsomer by virtue of his beautiful mother. He talks like me, walks like me, thinks like me and, most importantly, eats like me! I don't think my son is even of aware of our uncanny resemblance. He just is what he is, effortlessly. 

You see, Jesus was talking about a second birth when He said "What is born of the Spirit is spirit." As God's child, you're reborn, in the image of your Father. Just as my son doesn't have to try to be like me because he already is, we too need to stop thinking in this way about being more holy, righteous and good... why? Because you already are holy, righteous and good. That's who you are in Christ, a son and daughter of God, just as the saying goes, 'like father, like son'.

For years I struggled to make my life count, serve God and bless people. I was acting so out of character because I was trying to be who I already was. So when I would read Bible verses speaking of how believers of Jesus should so naturally radiate His character, light, Spirit and power (e.g Deut 28:10, Matt 5:16), I faltered since no one ever came to me out of the blue and confessed that surely I must be a son of God. 

Today, I'm not like that. People see God in me without me doing a single ounce of effort. They see me and when they realize how blessed I am, immediately recognize that it is my heavenly Father who is the source of all my blessings. They see the favor of God dripping down in my life and give glory to Him. Many times we have conversed with people and they somehow can tell we are believers in Jesus even though we hadn't spoken a single word about God (or religion, spirituality, morality and the like). How can this be? 

Because now I am a son of God... and I know it. 
So are you.

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By David Roiel
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