Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Live a full life without a care this coming year!

"And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand." John 10:

My son enjoys life. Every waking moment he lives with a lot energy, discovering, playing, and of course eating! He doesn't have a care in the world. He has never once worried about the future, paying bills, his education, health, finding a wife or finances. His confidence in his father and mother is unshakable. He just knows that good will always come his way from us. He depends on us without any reservations - faith in us flows out of him so easily.

There is a reason why Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to little children. He wasn't saying we needed to dumb ourselves down and become immature. He was saying that we could live like them; totally relying on our Father for every need and desire of ours, with a faith like a mountain whose roots dig deep into the earth and whose heights grasp the clouds. Though every blessing of earth and heaven comes from our Father, many of His children think otherwise. But the good news is even better than that - He has already blessed us with every blessing; its a fait accompli, its already done!

As you begin to see God as the source of every good and perfect thing, even of abundant life, you'll even see your sleeping blessings awake. God promised not only to bless you; He promised to cause you to be a great blessing as well. If you began to see God as the source of your blessings you'll never feel like you have to ask man for attention, money or help! From the banal and basic needs to the greater things you've been called to, fulfillment will come. You'll find the inner strength to carry on triumphantly in all of your circumstances and you'll even see that finances won't ever limit your dreams. You won't be self-reliant though, you'll simply be relying on your Father. This year, don't look at your weaknesses, your wants and your lack; instead determine to see yourself as you truly are... blessed by your Father in every way!

This coming year, may you be like the cedars of the Lord, planted securely, full of life, and long life, evergreen and every strong, watered by the endless flow of the River of Life and nourished by the Sun of God! In the name of Jesus the Lord and your Shepherd, Amen.

By David Roiel
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