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Do you see yourself as rich or poor? Prov. 30:15 speaks of the leech that has two daughters - Give and give! You weren't born to be a leech, living off the life of others... you were born to be a river of life yourself, giving life to others!

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"They all put in out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood." Mark 12:44

I've never been poor. All my life I have been blessed beyond measure in every way. This does not mean that I have no right to tell you what I am writing now. I tell you the truth, you could be naked, without a single loving relative or friend, homeless and out in the gutter somewhere... but the moment you see and receive what Jesus of Nazereth did for you, you'll never sink lower and only rise higher.

This isn't the gospel or good news if it doesn't have the power to lift people from the wretchedness of poverty, war, ignorance, disease and destruction. Oh how thankful I am that this gospel has the power to completely change your life! But you don't have to be poor to be obsessed by how little money you have... no, in fact many millions who are worlds away from poverty are completely absorbed by how empty their cups are.

There was a woman that Jesus saw putting in a couple of pennies into the temple treasury. Jesus said that this woman gave all she had and in reality gave more than every other person no matter how grandiose their gifts were. Now this is amazing - this woman didn't see herself as poor, she thought of herself as a generous giver. She had nothing, she was poor, living below the poverty line, but she never let the world define her! Instead, she knew in her heart that she was a benefactor who always had an abundance to give. I don't know this woman's story; we neither see her past nor future from this point. But God see's it all in your life. Today, take this example of this woman... see yourself as God sees you, His prince, His princess, arrayed in majesty and honor, full of riches unending. See yourself as a giver, and I am sure from this point on you'll always have more to give!

By David Roiel
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