Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Mystery of the Sleeping I AM in you - A Powerful Truth to Act On!

There are many mysteries in the Bible. And there are so many mysteries yet that God has scattered among humankind, on earth and in the universe. So if I am going to qualify what I share with you as the "ultimate secret" how far shall we fall short from all that God is and has done. I say this because I am so tempted to say it is the ultimate secret just because this stuff is VERY powerful and life-changing. 

One of these mysteries or secrets (hidden in plain sight in the verses of the Holy Scriptures) is the mystery of the Name of God. His Name - the Name that is His for all time, for all ages, for all generations (Ex 3:15) is - I AM THAT I AM - Ahyeh Asher Ahyeh (in Hebrew). In fact the great secret is that the I AM THAT I AM is with you always (Ex 3:12) and that the I AM sent Moses to deliver the Israelites from slavery. To read more about this peculiar way of putting it, read on here.

Now here's the thing - I AM - is a powerful, powerful statement. But it is not just a statement. It is Being Itself, Consciousness, Power, Reality - it is the ALL in ALL, Infinity. The Words I AM resounds in all Creation because it is above and over Creation, timeless and endless.

What really happened on that fateful day in the Garden of Eden, when the first humans ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? What was the first thing Adam and Eve did?

They HID from God - the I AM (God's Name, YHWH or Yahowah, is sort of like HE IS or I AM in the third person). In their minds - consciousness - they had to hide from God. In other words, the I AM was banished from their consciousness. And ever since that moment the I AM sleeps in all His children on the Earth. The entire race of humankind has become dead to the I AM in them. They think about "I" all the time in selfish ways exposing their utter lack, hunger, and emptiness without the I AM. They crave, they desire, they long; all of the hustle and bustle of mankind is a futile REACTION to the fallen world.

Rich, poor, north, south, black, white, east, west, up, down - every son of Adam and daughter of Eve are blind to the I AM in them and do not overcome the torrential flood waters of Noah. They need the Ark and they do not know where it is. So they are tossed and turned by the stream of thoughts in their mind - one thought leads to another, and yet another. The storms of life and hardships of day to day life take everyone captive to a locked way of thinking.

Take a moment to pause and understand your thoughts - when was the last time your mind was totally calm and still? Each thought in your mind comes from the one preceding it and so on it goes. It is an endless river, but you as a Man and Woman, need not drown in this endless living death.

The world is like the River of Egypt - the Nile; linear, one thing leads to another. But the I AM is like a still, massive, mighty ocean, expanding into every conceivable corner of everything.

It is the Truth - it can not be grasped, or held in the hands, or examined and studied like a book; it is insurmountable and unfathomable; it can only be experienced when you jump in!

The I AM exists and it exists apart from all existence (our thoughts need liberation from this!) and because it is like so, it is therefore the First and the Last, the Amen, the Faithful One, the Creator.

So there was Moses being told to go the Israelites and deliver them from this brainwashing slavery. And what does God tell Moses to say to his kinfolk...

"I AM sent-me to-you." In Hebrew it reads "Ahyeh shalkhani alaykum".

You see, this is the Liberation from Slavery - to be, to be I AM. To take upon your own lips, the Name of the I AM. I am not saying you are the Creator - but I am saying that you and the Creator are together, are One - quoting the OT, Jesus pointed out that the Scriptures declare we are gods, and He came to fully expound on this; He is the VINE and we the Branches... as I have said elsewhere, where does the Branch end and the Vine begin? You are a temple of the Holy Spirit, a Tabernacle of God, in whom GOD ALMIGHTY dwells and rests and finds delight.

Many of us know this theologically, theoretically, dogmatically and doctrinally. But we don't LIVE and EXPERIENCE the VERY ESSENCE of our Nature - our I AMness. Remember how God created humankind - literally, God created us in HIS LIFE-BLOOD usually translated in English as 'likeness' but you can read more about that here.

When you awaken the I AM in you, you shall be free indeed. Jesus spoke about the need for the seed to die to give fruit. Dying to yourself is dying to your consciousness of separation from God, your Father, the I AM! It came at no feeble price from the I AM Himself. The I AM became flesh and dwelt among us, and as the Lamb, as the God of the Universe - died on the Cross - the mystery of mysteries, but the Most Convincing Undeniable Proof of God's Divine Love for All Humankind!

You, like Jesus, are God's beloved Son and Daughter in Whom HE is well-pleased. The I AM - it is a state of being not doing, having, or accomplishing, but being. So root your identity in the I AM. All things (Life, Abundance, Strength, Wisdom, etc) flow from this! The Acorn and the Mighty Oak Tree - they are one in Eternity - Timelessness! - pray and believe you have received is past, continuous (see Mk 11:23) - praying ye receive.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them]. 1 John 5:14-15 

So get out of your body/flesh to do what you must according to who you are. Dare to draw even from your future self who is the fulfilled "as He is so are are we" man/woman (1 Jn 4:17).

Quit taking the Name of the Lord in vain. You know we do this so frequently... examples: I am tired. I hate my job. Why does this happen to me. I am poor. I have nothing. I am nothing. I can't. I am lazy. I am sleepy. I am hungry. I am needy.

Take up the Name of the Lord as the I AM in you - THE I AM IS YOUR SAVIOR - the I AM IS YOUR SALVATION (HIS NAME IS JESUS - He Lived, Died on the Cross and Rose Again - oh what love is this!)

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