Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Strange Fire - What to do when you encounter weird people and teachings

The other day, I saw a vision while praying. It was strange and spoke to me at many levels. It was simply an acorn superimposed unto an oak tree. God was showing me that the mighty oak starts as but a single acorn. He showed me that my thoughts were like acorns and was beckoning me to see these acorns as fully grown trees.

The vision has matured like wine with time. When I revisit it I also see something else... the picture of the acorn and tree go both back and forward into time. The acorn is the fruit of a tree itself who is the result of another acorn and likewise the original acorn in the picture extends forward into one tree that gives rise to more acorns which give rise to trees as well. Like two mirrors reflecting each other.

Here is a deep mystery displayed fully in the New Testament (when it is not by obscured rigid theological curtains). This mystery speaks of the Cross - a Tree upon which the Son of God hung and died. That Tree extends into eternity and both strands of time. Bear with me a second. When you see those acorns and trees, you see generations and time, you see you are One, we are One. Many mystics speak of Unity with the Creator - but they miss the Cross at the center of it all. The deepest mystery, perhaps in the Universe, is the Love of God for us that strove to bring about the Unity of God within us displayed so unfathomably when Jesus was Crucified on the Cross!

Above everything, meditate on the Cross, Jesus our Savior crucified for you and I.

So what does this have to do with weird and strange teachings? Now look at that Oak. Notice it's many leaves rustling in the wind, each connected to a branch, and yet another and yet another until they reach the trunk. The Trunk itself is connected to roots, myriads of roots. Understand, the path between the tip of a root to the tip of a leaf. That Tree holds the answer to how we should deal with strange fire - the Leaves adorn the Tree but the Tree is known by it's fruit. Check this out:

My Kingdom is like a Tree. Everyone goes on a path, a lonely path that is unlike his neighbor's, path. Every leaf of that tree is unique in the path it takes. But they are all One! They are all connected to the Trunk and the Roots; and the Leaf is not an organism by itself - the entire Tree is One and no Leaf is apart from the One. 

Each Leaf is in a unique position. No two leaves are alike and no two leaves share the same path. That is why I liken My Kingdom to a Tree - and that is our 'Christianity'. The world tries to control Christianity, like a gardener, but the Kingdom does not need a gardener in that sense. Consider the Fir and Cedar and Palm, they grow in perfect order. But the Olive and Pine grow in disorder, but it is an ordered disorder. 

Understand that the Kingdom of God is like a Tree. But there are many who want to see only one Leaf and think that the one Leaf is the Leaf. But no tree try can survive on the sustenance of only one leaf!

Likewise, there is much to learn in the child of God. For the child of God on whom My Spirit rests, sees the other Leaves and rather than trying to cut them away, considers and ponders. 

But if you want to know the Mystery of the Tree... Remember Me, Crucified on the Tree!

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