Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Reviews - Mel Bond's How to See in the Spirit World and Releasing God's Anointing

I recently came across a brother who has been years in the ministry, his name is Mel Bond. He is a Native American preacher of sorts, very humble, rooted in the "Finished Work Gospel" who understands Grace and doesn't get mixed up with the New and Old Covenants. He has a healing and teaching ministry and has a passion to teach the children of God to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. What is really cool about his books and sermons is that they are rooted on Jesus' unconditional all love to all persons of the world. Recently, I purchased two of his books (eBooks on Kindle); How to See in the Spirit World and Releasing God's Anointing. The eBooks are really cheap and besides that his YouTube channel is full of videos (full sermons and teachings); that kind of thing is rare to come by these days and it says much about him.

Here are some of the main and very interesting teachings that really made an impression on me:

Faith and Imagination are synonyms

Faith is the conviction of things not seen. Use your imagination to imagine the Truth of God's Promises and what He says. Too long has imagination been a no-go zone for the church for whatever reasons, but it is our God-given ability to trust in Him and be like Him, who calls that which is not as if it was. See or imagine the sunshine splendor of the Lord radiating from your hands as you pray for people, for example (Hab 3:4).

Initiate your Spiritual Gifts

We often talk about asking for gifts of the Holy Spirit and we then wait and wait and wait. Instead, all believers who are already Spirit empowered (and the evidence of this is speaking in tongues) can initiate their vision into the spiritual. So say you are praying for someone who is sick, take a moment to see in the spirit, to see the problem and root spiritual cause, very often it is a demon-spirit, deal with it and then move on to administer healing, imagining the healing taking place.

Yield and Relax to Receive

One of the really interesting things he says is that yielding to God is really important. He also points out what Paul said in Romans, that yielding to righteousness is actually easier than to sin. And all yielding means is basically to relax! We need to relax in the Lord to receive from the Lord. Say you are worried about something; deliberately pray, using your imagination to see that you have received and then just relax about it. If you are praying for a wound in your arm or someone else's, for example, let your arm relax as you receive. Let the other person do the same.

Dying to Self and Mammon

Mel has some very interesting meditations on what it means to die to yourself. Its very rare for a finished works preacher to speak about this subject but he deals with these precious words of Christ and doesn't try obfuscate or ignore them. Unlike many prosperity and word of faith teachers, his message lacks that that distinct and obvious atmosphere of greed and the mentality that you can use God to hoard worldly wealth. Yet he never shies away from declaring poverty and financial hardship as an evil thing and for showing Biblical prosperity to be the heritage of the saints. Again, this is something very rare in the church these days, to teach prosperity without creating greed.


All in all, I so far have really been blessed by some of the things I have learnt from him. Check out his YouTube channel and Amazon profile page here.

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