Thursday, December 28, 2017

Setting the Record Straight: Is Jesus Pro-Palestinian or Pro-Israeli?

The absurdity of this question lies in who Jesus really is.

Recently, I heard of Palestinians and Israelis scrambling to claim first rights to Jesus on Christmas. The irony in all this is for the actual Israeli and Palestinian followers of Yeshua who will find it surprising that these PR machines are now competing to appropriate Jesus when they have faced so much persecution from their loved ones and respective communities (Israeli and Palestinian) precisely because they choose to follow Him!

Somehow this says it all.
But let me get back to the question: which one is it, is Jesus pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli? Whose side will God take in this conflict? Hmmm... since Jesus was a Jew, then... or wait, since Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a Palestinian town... now, wait a second this is more confusing then I thought.

If you know the sayings of Jesus you might easily say that Jesus is actually neutral in all this, that is, He is for neither side and that He does not play favorites. That is only partially true and does hide something far more important; the truth is Jesus IS Pro-Palestinian AND Pro-Israeli. He is PRO-every human to have walked on the face of the planet. He is so PRO-Humanity that He laid down His life for every person, those who rejected Him, those who killed Him, those who killed His followers, yesterday, 2000 years ago, 5000 years ago, today and even a 1000 years from now, all of 'em!

And if either side would dare to ask Jesus He would have a harsh but loving word for both. He has no limits to His grace and His Truth exposes all and above all His love towards us.

So if you're getting caught up in the world frenzy about Jerusalem and who it belongs to, just remember - the Creator of Israelis and Palestinians is really for both of His people. He created the world, with them in mind - and not only them but also with the Nepalese and South Africans and Brazilians and Swiss and Japanese and every nation and tribe and family this world has seen in all the moral spectrum of performances they have put on.

Who can fathom God's mercy? Certainly, those who constantly victimize themselves and oppress others can not.

That God Himself would clothe Himself in fallen Human Form and lay down His life for a horde of beasts (that's us all) who have trampled on His blood? Every sin you have committed and are committing and will commit - He carried it all, with utter willingness, He saw you purified and with outstretched and pierced arms redeemed you with a ransom before you even were.*

May we all fathom His mercy and see the world through His eyes. Amen.

*no typo there

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