Friday, December 1, 2017

Five amazing ways to delve deeper into the study of God's divine word

Hebrew is a very deep language... ok, maybe I am biased because I love the Word of God which is mostly written in Hebrew, but I speak four languages (none are Hebrew but one is Semitic) and I can say Hebrew is layered with different levels of depth.

Ancient Hebrew Script (aka Kitab Ivri) - part of Gen 1:3
Here are just a few of those layers:

Root words

Every Hebrew word has a root. And these roots are found everywhere. When roots go together they tell you much about the word. For example, Abram has two roots... Ab is father and Ram is exalted. It makes Exalted Father.


Every word in Hebrew has a number since its letters are themselves used to number. The letter 'Alef' is 1, 'Beit' is 2 and so forth. The Hebrew Scribes went so much into detail that they knew not just how many words were in each book of the Bible, even could tell you what the middle letter was and how many letters were there. Here is a chart showing you the numbers.

First Mentioning

The third fascinating level is the principle of first mentioning. The very first time a word is mentioned there is always significance. This is true not just for the Hebrew books but also in the New Testament. 

The Structure of Sentences

Sometimes the structure of a sentence is intricately designed. The very first verse of the Bible reads as follows "Birashe'et bara Elohim et hashamim va-et haaretz." They are seven words and in the middle is the word "et". Some say this verse embodies the Mennorah, the seven branched candlestick. 

The Pictograph Meaning of Letters

Finally, each letter itself is a meaningful concept. Take for example, Ab which is the Hebrew letters Alef and Beit. originate from pictographic letters showing an ox head and house. As Ab, or Father, is seen as a combination of two pictures/letters the Ox Head or Chief of the House. Like wise the word for son or child is Bin - Beit and Nun. Beit is a house as we said and Nun is drawn as a sprout, a seedling. So a child is the offspring literally, a shoot or seedling of the house! Check this out!

The one thing you need before you do all this

You just need to ask God to guide you. Without the Spirit's help you operate mechanically and see only the reflections of the natural rather than the beauty of the Glorious One. You don't need to depend on someone else's views. Close your eyes, ask the Lord lead and guide you, bask in the love and light of His Son... this is His Book and everything we say here is just skimming the surface. Enjoy!

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.
Jesus (John 14:26) 

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