Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dare to drench yourself in God's love - Meditation.

Who is God? What is He? He is Spirit. He is Light. His is Full of Glory, Power, Might, Wisdom, Strength, Victory, and Joy. He is Life. How great it is though, how full of gratitude I am, that GOD is LOVE. What if He was everything I said above, except Love? Have you ever thought about it;  the Creator is not just benevolent but bursting forth in infinite love? That "God is Love" is such an overused verse but its truth can never be used enough.

Courtesy of - Aaron Burden
God is Love. I am happy to say we can never understand and grasp the extent, depth and magnitude of His Love, His very essence. But we can dip our feet in the waters of His love, we can wade in and even dive and drench ourselves completely submersing ourselves in the Oceans of His Love. That's the amazing thing about the love of God - its impossible to understand but the most accessible substance of the Universe. Doing so is diving into God Himself.

We don't just enjoy God's love. God Himself is Love. We need to be awake to our identity as sons and daughters of the Father through Jesus. This means we are ONE with Yeshua, with the Father, with the Spirit - Your God is One and we are made one with Him, grafted into Him, absorbed into His bosom. We are the Temple of Yahowa, the Creator, His Dwelling on Earth - this is the New Creation we are in Jesus, this is what it means to be Born Again.

Look at Jesus. He is the Divine Image of the Love of God. Look to His actions so see God's Heart...

"I am willing" He said, touching the leper and cleansing him. Let this be His word to you as you face sickness or the other outworkings of the enemy and death.

"I desire mercy and not sacrifice." Because He is the Sacrifice we now can lift our heads from the burdensome yoke of religion and instead with newness of Life and Love, firstly, drink deeply from His mercy while also extending His compassion and mercy to others.

"Come to Me... and Rest." His heart for you is to rest and thrive. To cease from establishing your righteousness by doing things and instead to draw from the Righteousness of Christ which you now have and are.

"Abide in Me, My Words, My Commandments and My love." Look to the above to understand how He wants you to abide. Many people are either saying you need to do what said you must OR you will go to hell. These people operate without a Revelation of God's love. Others say just enjoy God's love. The latter is truer to Jesus but for me I need a third way. I need to enjoy God's Love like a plant in a pot... I want to be watered as often as I need water but if that water stays in the pot it will rot my roots... my pot needs to be drained. Maybe not the most mystical parable but it serves the point!

Someone has once said that God infuses us with both love and hate. Love - firstly, drinking the love He has for us. And through this received love, loving Him and others - certainly, we are not claiming to love God or others as God loves, but we draw from His Essence this Love, for He is love. Secondly, we hate the work of the enemy that prevents the Love of God from being manifest. The primary thing we hate is DEATH and its subservient extensions - Disease, Corruption, Poverty, Despair, Shame, Guilt and on and on I can go. We also hate DARKNESS - the same darkness Jesus spoke about, the thing that truly defiles the person is what comes out of their hearts and not what goes in.

But we when we bask in God and His Love and His Essence, Death loses its sting and Darkness flees.

Today, take time to bask in God's Love. Pray and Sing and Pray and Worship in the Spirit. You may have trouble leaning into or trusting that God loves you. I urge you to just jump in the exact condition you are. His Love is Real and may it be made ever manifest to you. Amen.

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