Monday, January 16, 2017

Why are you lying on your face?

The conquest of the promised land has a great significance for us today. The truth is that our promised inheritance in Christ is not without obstacles. There are so many believers who will enter their walk into the promised land and then stop. They will continue no further because of figurative Jerichos and Ai's.

Yes, there are enemies, there are obstacles, there are mountains. And though we may fall and falter, because Jesus is with us we can find the courage to go forth. Do you remember what was God’s formula for Joshua to take the inheritance (see Josh 1)?

1) Knowing that God was Him and would never leave Him

2) Being strong and courageous, confident that this was heritage in the Lord

3) Meditating on the word of God, every day, day night – just as we, in fact, are doing in #TheBetterPartChallenge.

When resistance pops up, and it will indeed, we must press forward all the more. I love how once Joshua had built up enough confidence after the defeat at Ai was turned to victory, he led the people in conquest after conquest, without stopping, without resting. He truly wanted to seize His inheritance.

Some slaps are good!
How are you in your conquest of Christ’s inheritance? Are you confident that He is with you and busy seeking His kingdom, pressing forward? Or have you experienced defeat and now are afraid to continue and press forth?

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:12

This is our inheritance, one that Jesus paid with His blood to allow us to have. Let us not let life slip by; instead let us seize it and advance, forcefully, intentionally, confidently (confident that we under His total grace no matter what we do or how we blunder).

We can do this, because He is with us always, because He gives us strength and boldness, because His word abides in our heart. God bless you.

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