Monday, January 16, 2017

The Code God Lives By

The purest moral code of conduct ever spoken, written or even thought of is here. It is the very Code that God has always lived by.

Matthew 5 - 7

This is perhaps the Bible’s most read passage. One of the most amazing things Jesus was saying here was “You have heard” and then would proceed to give a purer truth, showing what it really was. No longer is a man and woman judged by their deeds, even their thoughts are equated as actions! Indeed, Jesus was fulfilling the Law by revealing it’s true purpose and completing it with these words; and afterward, He would fulfill the Law by offering Himself as the One Sacrifice to atone for all sin – evermore.

But it’s imperative to be clear on at least one thing: the purpose of what Jesus said was NOT to judge. The purpose was to show the very law that God lives by –

  • He loves His enemies
  • He turns the other cheek
  • He goes the extra mile
  • He is generous beyond measure
  • He is faithful forever
  • He loves the world with all His heart, soul, mind, and strength!
  • And He laid down His life, bowing His head and giving Himself entirely.
And when you read this, how can you not hunger and thirst for thisrighteousness? How can one read this and not become poor in spirit as we realize how short we fall? Can one read this and still be proud of his or her accomplishments? (Remember, He did not say this to condemn us.) In other words, when these words have their way in our hearts, they bring us to the state of blessedness He speaks of in Matthew 5.

And so this passage creates in us gratefulness and awe at how God loves us and forgave us once and for all. And also creates an aspiration to be like He is!

Jesus says “Be perfect therefore as your Father in Heaven is perfect” – now we know we can not do this, but He has not left us without help. There is One who creates fruit in us; He is our Father’s Spirit, the fruit is His fruit. As we learn to walk in the Spirit we bear fruit and the fruit is actually the very essence of what Jesus was speaking about in this sermon; love, joy, peace, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness (meekness), discipline (self-control), patience, goodness!

So how do we walk by the Spirit? How do we live by the Spirit and bear this fruit and actually live this? Those lessons come later and in other passages, but suffice it to say here, “Man does not live on bread alone but by every word that comes out of His mouth.” In fact, the very first verses that open up the sermon on the mount say this “Then He opened His mouth and taught them…” 

#TheBetterPartChallenge you are taking part in helps you feed; as you meditate, pray, wonder, ask, think and maybe memorize the Scriptures we are reading and then the devotionals, you feed – day and night, even when you sleep. The reading itself and the devotionals is
 not the key; the key is to truly feed your spirit and in this way as you strengthen your relationship with Christ, He shines His light and bears His fruit all to His glory, little by little, ever-increasingly.

Bon app├ętit!
I know it can be difficult for others to join you in this challenge. Thanks so much for sharing anyways!

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