Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seize the Day by Joyce Meyer - Book Review: Verdict... Seize the Book!

Do you feel like life is passing by you? As if you are trapped in a routine? A victim of your consequences, perhaps? Helpless under an unbreakable glass ceiling?

In Seize the Day Joyce Meyer offers a compelling roadmap out of the quagmire of blah. I have to admit, I've just started seriously taking a look at some of Joyce's works out there and I believe this woman is spiritual mother of faith to many.

This is a book about taking your life back for God. If you're stuck somewhere figurative, imaginative, in your mind, real or fake, I really recommend reading this. It is very encouraging for these reasons:

1) Joyce has been there

She knows exactly what it's like to feel helpless, hopeless, and doomed to a life of victimization and passivity. She grew up in a very abusive household and her story of how Jesus rescued her is full of penetrating truths on how we can rise above our problems and experience God's victory. She knows what she's talking about!

2) She offers Biblical but very, very practical advice

Her counsel is not only powerfully based on Biblical principles and Scriptures, but it is practical. Reading her book, I really felt like it was my grandmother telling met to get my act together! I appreciate that.

3) She does it all in Grace

It's not easy to say the things she says in this book with Grace. Instilling in readers a sense of condemnation is almost inevitable when you are telling them to wake up. I said... 'almost inevitable'. Joyce understands this and gently affirms God's grace in our lives so you are not left feeling miserable and guilty. Very important!

4) Joyce is not another self-help guru

Yes, practical advice is practical but she if very clear - real change in our lives only happens as we let the Holy Spirit transform us and our minds.

If you look at Joyce Meyer's life, you really see a woman seizing the day. That's someone I'd like to learn more from especially if I want to seize my days for the Lord and make my life better too.

Bottom line: Seize, Seize the Day.

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