Monday, January 23, 2017

Is this what made David a man after God's heart?

There is something so raw, wild and untamed about David. He is true to his himself, above all else. He does not try to hide his emotions in any way and he approaches God with such familiarity and comfort that was unique among his peers of the time. [today's reading; Psalms 5 - 9]

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How do you approach God? Do you feel you need get ready before you see Him? A little making up here, some tidying up of your heart there? Or do you just jump naked and dirty into His presence?

Well, David did just the latter - always. He did not wait to repent or get his act together. When his enemies hunted him like a scared fox, he went to the Lord and whimpered just like a scared fox. Another time he would come to God for help from his enemies, but this time he is confident and taunts his enemies knowing full well that God is His avenger and protector. Sometimes he would break into praise and utter mysteries of ancient times and the coming of the Anointed One. And yet in other moments, he comes to the Lord in shame and guilt, seeking His mercy. 

In all those occasions, David never left disappointed. And though his circumstances did not change at the end of his prayers, everytime he approached God like this, he'd come away singing and hopeful and healed and stronger than before.

Friends, this is how you need to approach God today. Just jump into His arms and be as raw and real as you can be. This attitude positions you in a great place to be changed by God from the inside out and to receive His abundant mercies, grace and love unfailingly.

I'd ask if you're ready to jump into His presence, but there's absolutely no need to feel ready. Just jump in already!

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