Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Make the Gospel Powerless in Your Life

The Gospel is God’s power for salvation. How little we avail of this. Salvation unfortunately has been relegated to theologica. It’s a word that has been so overused it means something far and cold. Christians talk about how they were ‘saved’… and once the savin’s done it’s just that, part of their ‘how I became a Christian’ story.

Today's Reading: Romans 1 - 3
Salvation. Isn’t that what everyone in the world is looking for? Isn’t that we long for in our day to day lives? For ourselves, our kids, our families? For our health, our joy, our well-being? And you know what – that is what salvation means… it means a restoration and healing that can be used for anything in our lives. That’s the way it’s used in the Bible and the way Christ spoke of salvation. “He was saved from leprosy, she from a disease and they from certain death… and don’t forget how that kid over there was saved from being late to class.” Salvation was never meant to be a word merely used to describe some sort of experience and decision you made concerning Christ long ago.
We often relegate the power of salvation to the dustbin. How many Christians do you know – and I have been among said company – who are now a sort of self-declared moral police? I lived in a country with moral police. How full of double standards and hypocrisy, judgement and sheer stupidity.

We miss the whole point of Christianity when we start looking at people’s sins, whether it’s the government’s sin, the culture’s sin, or your church goer’s… we all have sinned. And just as all have sinned, so is this great salvation for all – a salvation that includes the eternal and temporal, the utmostly important and completely trivial issues alike.

So when we sit in judgment we rob ourselves of the power of God’s salvation in His gospel because a judgmental heart gives rise to cynicism, bitterness and unforgiveness. How can such a heart ever believe – for this power is available to all who believe? That spirit is of the law but faith is in God’s grace – His unconditional favor and love. The law and all its derivatives and relatives in the world never had any power to do any saving. It was always God’s grace.

Take a moment to take stock of your heart, not to be introspective and seek forgiveness and lament your sins, but to weed out the roots of bitterness that have grown in the darkness of judgment and unforgiveness. And when you do find such weeds, ask the Lord to guide you and help you in uprooting them once and for all.

Now let’s get ready to see this power more and more! 

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