Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How God helps us have faith

It’s easy to have faith that you can move mountains, when you don’t need to move mountains.
It’s easy to believe God wants your healing when you’ve never tasted sickness.
It’s easy to trust that He wills your prosperity when you’ve never trudged through poverty.
It’s easy to cling to God’s promises of future blessing when you don’t really need them at the moment.
Today's Reading: Joshua 1 - 3, Psalm 1
 When Joshua was about 40 years old he was one of 12 spies sent out to scout the promised land. He and his companion, Caleb, came back with good news and saw the bountiful blessing of God’s promises and were confident of victory with God. But back then, Joshua was just a voice among 12 and the decision really lay with Moses. 40 years later, he is now in charge he and finally has a chance to exercise the faithful declarations he first made those many decades ago. That’s when his faith really needed to be strong and God gave Him that strength, repeatedly assuring him, “I am with you! Be strong. Be courageous. Do not be afraid. I am with you and I will not leave you.” How gracious is God! Even to the strong believers He knows it is not enough and helps their faith.

Rahab grew on the other side of the Jordan. When Joshua had scouted the land, possibly passing by Jericho back 40 years ago, she may not have even been born. But Rahab grew up hearing of the Israelites and their Yahowa. Somehow she must have realized that this so-called god, Yahowa, was really God, the Creator and not yet another deity among many. For many years it was easy to believe in Yahowa, there on the other side of the Jordan as she kept hearing of the exploits of the God of Israel with His people, hearing of the manna and the clouds of glory and the ark of the covenant. But then those stories began to come close to home. The Israelites were about to cross that Jordan River right into Jericho.

Everyone in Jericho knew what Rahab did. Yet Rahab had decided beforehand, Yahowa was the only one to follow and rather than be afraid to throw in her lot with the incoming Israelites, she was ready for them. And so Yahowa guided those spies to her doorstep, a divine rendezvous that helped Rahab finally realize her faith in Him by giving her a chance to decide and be able to worship the Lord.
Today, you may be staring down at the river of decision. You’re life is finally at a point where these promises have to become true, have to be realized. The River is right before you and whether you’re on the other side or not, this is the time to have faith... And you look to your faith and you falter and tremble, and rightly so.
God had to help Joshua and Rahab with their faith. Afterall, it’s God in whom you have faith and not your own faith! When you’re far away from that figurative River separating you from God’s promises and blessings, that faith is easy to boast of. So instead of having faith in your own capacity to believe, realize that God will help you in all ways and in all things so that your faith will be real to enter His promised land!

So wherever you may be at today, in need of His promises or experiencing a gnawing lack; hurting so bad because of illness or just staring down a whole mountain range of problems – remember it’s not about your faith; it’s about He in whom your faith is in… He will not only lead you step by step and help you cross the River, He will also help your faith!

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