Monday, January 16, 2017

Don't just drift through the seas of faith, be intentional about what you believe

Job's friends' shame knows no limits (and yet don't they remind you of at least someone, hehe?). When you don't experience life, everything is explainable. "Well, of course, Joe - you've sinned! What do you think? You think your sons and daughters can keep partying without feeling the wrath of the Lord? So repent and He will bless you again!"

Today's reading Job 8 - 10, Ps 4
And Job sticks to his guns. He knows that he has not done something deserving this wrath but at the same time he knows that his righteousness is nothing compared to God's and that he is far, far from perfect. And so he wishes God would hear him and speaks about God as if He is fickle, arbitrary, aloof and certainly leaves no room for doubt that God is the cause of His suffering.
The earth is given into the hand of the wicked, He covers the faces of the judges; If it is not He, who else could it be!?
Job did not even give a thought about the enemy of souls, whom Jesus said ruled the world. Wow. What a charge he has laid against God.

Have you let life dictate to you how you see God? Have you let life be your teacher about God, His love, His nature? Or are you letting His Word and Spirit teach you?

Job was in the throes of great confusion - not to mention extreme grief and pain and the irritating advice of his legalist friends (and they were like that even though the Law of Moses wasn't even written at that time!). And it's during moment slike this where we have to be all the more vigilant to feed on Words and Thoughts of Truth and Life and Grace.

This must be an intentional decision on your part. Thoughts come and go but it is up to us the capture them and direct the course of our mind. Feed on God's Spirit and Word today. Jesus is the Truth.

Jesus who said "The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy," leaving no room for doubt as to who the source of all murder and destruction and decay comes from, "but I have come that they may life and life to the full."

Jesus is the Life. Jesus is the Truth. Sit at His feet, delight in Him, and there you shall finally find strength to thrive and joy, no matter the troubles around us.

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