Thursday, January 28, 2016

10 things I'd tell my 20 year old self

1. Don't follow girls

One day you'll find that the right one is walking right by your side and headed in the same direction as you.

2. You don't have to persuade anybody to follow Jesus

There's no need to feel a need to defend the gospel, the Bible, the facts about Jesus or any of that. When people become born again it's not a mental thing, it's a spiritual thing. Evangelism isn't persuasion. It's a demonstration of the love, power and grace of Christ.

3. Pray

Just pray, relax and pray and relax again. Prayer is the answer to worry because you know God loves you and this means are immensely blessed and He hears you always.

4. Give thanks

Don't be grumpy.

5. Pursue financial intelligence

Its not spiritual to be irresponsible with money because you don't plan your career, think entrepreneurship is not for you, couldn't care less about finances or spend like your bank account has an unlimited amount of funds.

6. Start a blog

Just for the sake of writing because you love it and want to bless people. Don't look at the numbers (of people, sales or whatever) because blogging is great way to meditate on the Word. Therapy for the soul.

7. Do this year what you know you'll wish you did that year 10 years from now.

If you got that, no comment needed.

8. Enjoy people rather than experience.

The people around you are the greatest treasure you'll find in life. Not your possessions, achievements, assets or anything else.

9. Seek out God's inheritance above everything else.

God loves you immensely. His Son paid for this New Covenant with His blood. This is an inheritance of power, love and discipline; one of glory, life and light. Seek His Kingdom with ALL your might.

10. Invest in the church community.

Invest by sowing seeds of life. Speak the word, nurture relationships, cultivate disciples, care for the weak, hear the strong, learn from the wise. Just hang out with your brothers and sisters - a lot.

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