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A Must Read! The Prayer of Protection by Joseph Prince - REVIEW

This world is a dangerous place. It doesn't matter whether you live in the West or East, developed or developing countries, the south or north hemisphere. There are two huge dangers in this world. One is the devil. He prowls and scours the earth to find his victims. He can be powerful. The second is by far more powerful in my opinion because the devil is impotent without the willingness of the second - humans. Nature is a third. Yet somehow I think its not nature itself but the corruption wrought on by the first two that has made it a place full of disasters, destruction and disease.

A must read book elegantly and powerfully showing you that God wants the protection of His children and how to enjoy living under the shadow of His wings! Check it out here.
This is why when a book comes out revealing a breakthrough truth about God's willingness to protect you and how to enjoy His protection I'm wanting to read it and get it read by as many as are willing to read it too.

But first, a little story: I consider myself a student of Scripture (not that I read the Bible a lot) but that I know a lot of it. A number of years ago, I was listening to a sermon by Joseph Prince with friends. He quoted a verse from Galatians - one that I knew well. "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law..." (Gal 3:13). Yeah, I knew it but had not one idea what the 'curse of the law' really was. I figured, that I was free from curses, etc. But the curse of the law? So much for student of scripture, eh?

It didn't take much after he quoted this verse for me to discover something that made the world make so much sense after that. "Now lets turn to Deuteronomy 28..." He continued. It was like my little very own personal big bang of the cosmos! Deuteronomy 28! That was the curse of the law... and He redeemed us from it!? I completely tuned out from the rest of the sermon - that's how weighty the revelation was to me.

That chapter contains - most of it at least - the most exhaustive Biblical set of curses ever written. It is The Curse of the Law. And it includes every form of sickness, poverty, demonic activity, act of violence and war, and literally every evil ever committed on this good earth. (I've written about this in my eBook The Secret of the 12 Stones and many posts, including this one The surprisingly simple secret of divine protection - Day 2: Thirty Day Meditations to Abundant Life!).

Joseph Prince writes in The Prayer of Protection what is definitely a powerful book about Psalm 91 - a constitution of God's protection freely given to His beloved church. JP will take you through the wonderful world of Psalm 91. In this book, he has a way of showing you many wow-moments-of-wonder along with hidden gems and nuggets of gold placed in this beautiful prayer... and just from an exposition of one of the Bible's most well known Psalms - but somehow we are still not convinced that God wants to protect us let alone even know how to go about living in His protection, i.e. under the shadow of His wings.

The Prayer of Protection is, as many of JP's other books are, full of testimonies. Though I'm not such a fan of these accounts, I have to say, these testimonies were very soulful and impacted me personally.

I've also written in the past that JP's writing style is less savory than many talented authors. However, The Prayer of Protection is not only written powerfully, but elegantly as well. It's a marked improvement. Amazingly, the front cover doesn't feature a picture of Joseph :)... and I have to say, aren't those Cherubim wings the coolest things ever?

Can you judge a book by its a cover? In this case, yes!

Bottom line: make the investment to buy or borrow this book... just read it! 

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