Thursday, September 1, 2016

What if God sometimes plans defeat?

Victory! Yes, we like it. What if God planned defeats in your life? What if He strategically and lovingly - as He always is - did it? For some it's easy to believe God brings horrors to one's life (I still don't). But if you've strayed enough to read this blog from time to time, you probably know better.

I'm so painfully aware that I am a strong proponent of not letting experiences sway the way I see God. And yet I'm writing from a position now where it is really difficult to do so.

I prayed for the heavens to come down. I cried for the seas to be split, for God to come in His thunder and rout my enemies, for the mountains to move and the rivers to stand still.

None of it happened. I must say - I believed it would - to the last.. And yes, in all of it, not a hair of my head perished. Crushed but not destroyed. Struck down but rising again.

"I thought You called me to do this?"

Did He? How can I doubt what I knew for fact. Even now I can not doubt. I can't. As little as my faith is, it's still there.

What do you do when your dreams are shattered? How do you pick up the broken pieces of glass? Of a mirror reflecting an image that you now think was entirely your imagination?

I think God can let defeat come. I think He can throw a wrench in your plans to build His Kingdom. You're thinking but I'm doing this for Him? For His glory? For His people? For the gospel?

Maybe that's it right there. "I". He's not after you doing anything... He's after who you are, becoming who you already are (and that is my rock solid truth in all this). O how I wish I was more and more who I am.

It was never about you doing anything. It was always about making you be who you are in Him. Can you grasp that?

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