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Here's the way to make your faith real... throw doctrine down the drain!

If I asked you "How did you become a Christian?" you'd tell me about your former life and then some realization that Jesus Christ did something for you. You'd talk about Him as your Lord and Savior, how you accepted Him into your heart; you'd say something about the Bible, sin and guilt, mercy and new life, being born again and perhaps seeing miracles.

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How Christianity teaches it's people

And here's what happened to most of us when we became Christians... we were taken by the church - brothers and sisters in Christ - who discipled and taught us. They taught us how to talk the Christian talk, the culture of churchianity and the practices of Christianity. They taught us how to read the Bible, how to pray, and how to please God.

All of these experiences formed an internal dogma, a belief in certain doctrines. Lets not kid ourselves, people change their doctrines all the time, but most will never acknowledge the possibility that the doctrines they believe in now are false.

So let me ask you - what if your every doctrine that you cherish was flawed in some way? What if I, hypothetically - I have no interest in doing this - destroyed every doctrine that you held to be true?

Is your faith built on Jesus Himself or teachings about Jesus?

I'll tell you what. I asked myself this. I challenged every doctrine I held. And I discarded them all. The truth is, so much of my doctrine - things we hold as 'truth' - are the teachings of men. That does not mean it is false. But it means it is not taught by the Spirit of God, it is taught instead by the spirit of human wisdom. And you know what I found when I cleared all the clutter out? I found the I AM.

So many of us have built our faith in Jesus Christ on doctrines. We believe that Jesus did this or that and that He will do this or that because of a system of belief we have adopted, fine-tuned, studied and embraced. Believing in one doctrine paves the way to believe in another. Like road posts, they guide you on your spiritual journey and you don't even realize it.

The only foundation for your faith can be Jesus Christ not doctrines about Jesus Christ. Have you experienced God in this way before? Have you been able to relate to Him, as simply a being - that you are - to The Being that He is?

Find the I Am

A real son or daugther of God may not easily discard their doctirines, but even if they do, they will find that deep, deep, in their hearts is an unshakeable experience and understanding of the Almighty. Truth has no human words because it is taught by the Spirit of God residing in us. 

Most Christians think the Bible is our primary authority. But that's totally different from what Jesus said... "And read the Bible, which will guide you in all Truth, counsel you, comfort you and speak to you everything it hears from Me. The Bible will be your helper, and will never leave or forsake you. It will dwell in you and it's words shall from your belly."

No! Instead, He spoke about His Spirit being our Guide, Counselor, Teacher, Comforter, and the very Indwelling Presence of God in us - always and forever.

Why doctrines really exist

Somewhere down the line, we replaced the Spirit with doctrines. Every verse in the Bible has a million commentaries. Unshackle yourself from the chains of doctrines. They are not protecting you from anything because your real shield is the Spirit of God, His Wings around you and the teachings of one denomination or another. Many doctrines are built precisely out of fear and a desire to control people. A fear that they will sin and err in belief on the hand, and a desire to coerce them to obey God (if they want you to obey someone else, then - cult alert!).

But we have the perfect love of our Father that casts out every fear. We have the Spirit and the new life that compels us to put sin to death and rise above and beyond world, though we are in it.

Doctrines don't matter much in the end. They will come and they will change and that's normal for any human that grow in intelligence and thinks with the mind God gave him or her. What matters above all, is whether you decide to know God and not merely dabble in knowing about Him!

This is when faith becomes real.

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