Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why most of us get Easter all wrong

I don't know why it's so difficult for us to separate God from religion. Since the beginning of the ages, God said "Don't eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and yet we find religion (the knowledge of good and evil) completely irresistible. God wants us to relate to Him by Life not by right or wrong.

That's the real message of Easter... Life for you. Forgiveness for you. Mercy for you. The ultimate proof of God's love... for you. It is not - shame, guilt, confession, remembrance of sin and so forth... it is Life. Jesus is the Life.

Yet most of us turn Easter into the day of atonement. Into a time of year, where we reflect on what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection but intermingled with thoughts of confession, repentance, guilt, shame and sin... year after after year. You may not know this, the mindset of yearly revisiting your sins and desiring this forgiveness, over and over again, is the reason why Jesus died and rose again... not so you would do it over and over again, but so that you would once and for all realize that your slate has been clean and will ever stay clean. Period. Anything less than this is making the blood of the Lamb cheap.

I think about "Easter" everyday. I celebrate His death - because it means life and mercy for me - and His resurrection - because it means victory for me, all the time (ok, maybe not all the time, but I wish I would).

When you truly understand "Easter" you'll understand that God's mercy isn't a limited, one time offer, yearly or daily. The Cross was a once-for-all-eternity event, in fact it was an event that happened out of time, as John wrote "the Lamb who was slain since before the foundation of the world."

It's Easter... so don't go through the motions of guilt and confession, instead go through gratefulness and confidence. Gratefulness - you are forgiven and confidence - you have the beautiful right to approach God as you are, all the time, raw, uncensored, unrefined, warts and all.

You are forgiven of ALL your sins, past, present and future - if you don't think that you actually make the cross a very, very little thing. I

Instead, say "Thank You Jesus! I am forgiven. I've been set free. I've been made whole. I've become yours and a child of God. All is well, because You've made it well. Thank You!"

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