Friday, January 29, 2016

To walk on water you need to leave the boat

The waves were high as the Eastern Wind descended on their little dinghy miles from the shore. This time, Jesus wasn't there to bail them out. No matter. These were seasoned fisherman and they knew the waters well. They kept at the oars and then to their utter surprise they see a Man walking on the waves. Well, who could it be but Jesus? How typical of Him. But Peter was still uncertain.

Courtesy of Flickr: Trond Kristiansen

"Lord, if it's really You, tell me to come."

"Come!" the man bellowed across the waters. And Peter walked on the waves too.

We want to hear assurance that God has called us. We want to know, is it a mistake that we are here now, or are we really where God wants us to be? We long for this assurance and it's ok, it's fine. We are His children, and children long for the assurance, delight and praise of their parents. That's why Peter called out to Jesus. He wanted to know.

Jesus wants you to know, too. That He really meant what He said about you. That He really believes in you... yes, we talk a lot about believing in Him, but in reality who chose who? "I chose you!" (An invitation He sent out to all, by the way). You're invited to take part in something grander and more glorious than we can ever imagine. You're called because the Almighty knows you and knows what He made you for. He made you to come through and so much more.

He's calling you to come with Him, to walk on water in the midst of a raging storm, to just be... Think about that. To be. I AM. Are we not created in His image? That means we're called to express the light of life in us as God would if He were one of us... as God already did, in Jesus! This is a life of no more cowardice, no more half measures, no more settling for less. To be who we truly are without inhibition. Can you choose to be like that?

You wonder, is it really Him? Is this too good to be true? Yes, to the first questions, and no to the second; though it is too good, it is true.

Walking on water, soaring like eagles, scattering our enemies in seven directions, being above not below, healing the sick, raising the dead, shaking heaven and earth, moving mountains... "He who believes in Me greater works than these He shall do".

Don't you want this? It's time for us to leave our boats and step boldly into the wind and waves! He's waiting.

Father, here we are. You called asking 'who shall we send and who shall go?' It is You calling, and we choose to go. We just need to rise. Help us to be who we are. Your sons and daughters. Wow, how things will change when this happens? Uncover the lies that keep us bound, let your truth and wisdom permeate our souls. Quicken our spirit and fill us with your power, love and mind. We are yours and we are one. Lead us. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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