Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The greatest war of our time

Since the days of Cain and Abel the wars of earth have been the enemy's crowning achievement. Switch on the TV and see the destruction, the blood, the slain, the wounded and the throngs of walking dead, escaping lands where living is worse than dying. We are at war, but unlike the wars of the world our enemy is unseen; his genius is our blindness to this war as his thread of lies are thoroughly and carefully woven into the fabric of our heart and mind, even from birth. We look on the outside and mere appearances and yet the battle isn't for what's out there... it's for what is with in, within you! Even as you read this, battles are raging for your heart and mind - your inner thoughts, the day dreams and desires of your heart. The enemy shudders at the sight of you taking control of all that. What happens in you, though hard to believe, can change the fate of millions. Do you dare to believe that this is what you're called to in Christ?

"Pray that you may not fall into temptation, for the spirit is willing, but the body is weak."
Jesus of Nazareth

This war starts deep within us. We, who are the born again new creations of the earth in Christ, no longer have the fallen essence of Adam embedded into our nature. You see, Adam's fall works it's way today into our seemingly endless failures. We fail as sons and daughters of God, we fail as people, we fail as societies and we have failed as nations. The one defining feature of a man is that he fails... or so the world and life will teach you. Is this your experience?

Well then I've got good news for you. As a child of God, you're so righteous the Bible says, "you are the righteousness of God" (2 Cor 5:21). That's an amazing statement. The other interesting thing the Bible says about the righteous... they may fall seven times. Failure... not a couple of times... not a few times. 7... get it? That means as many time as it possible to fail royally, that's how the righteous fall. It's not merely avoiding failure...

"Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again..." Prov 24:16

You came to Christ and you thought He's waiting for you to shape up and get your act together... you are now righteous and the righteous fall. Don't let Satan trap you in the cycles of guilt the failures that always follow shame. Instead, look to your rising! That is the destiny of the righteous... your destiny.

The war is lost when we think this failure is normal, natural and the ways things have always been and will always be... a life of failure with no way out, no rising. The moment this lie is swallowed, the child of God is duped into mediocrity and doesn't even know it.We have the stuff of heaven, the blood of Christ running in us as His Spirit gives life to our bodies. Yet why do we fail to rise out of the ashes of our failures?

Because we fail in the one thing necessary... in our moments of weakness, we do everything but seek help, help from the only One who can give it. Imagine for a moment, that before every hardship, challenge, trial and temptation you face, you pressed the pause button and asked "Lord... I am weak, give me strength, help me."

And what about after we fail? We fail to boldly almost shamefully claim His grace. Every time you feel guilty because of a fall you ignore what Christ did for you on the cross. Let your failure lead you into God's loving arms and ask Him the same, to lead, to help, to deliver and to give wisdom.

What happens when we start to walk in this very deep and personal victory? It may make a world of difference to you, but what of the war I speak? The truth is that when you are set free from the curse of failure (the blindness that makes you see yourself as destined to fail, that is) you will be set free to set others free too.

The way to win the war on a global scale is to start from within. Win those battles in the strength, grace and faith God provides and you'll start to win the war for the nations. It's true... the blind can't lead the blind. The problem is those who can see keep their eyes closed. Open your eyes, discover the victor you are in Christ and then seek the Kingdom... then we shall see greater things!

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