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Why the Middle East is ablaze and how to put it out!

It's impossible for me to keep ignoring the looming geopolitical clouds and the narrative of 'world war 3' on the news. It really needs to be addressed. With an increasingly hostile environment in the Middle East and the arm of terror - presumably from the Middle East too - reaching deeply into every corner of the world; Europe, America, Africa and in Asia, one must wonder... is there a way out from all this? Why is the Middle East like this? And can peace - in this case, a cessation of violence - ever be achieved in the Middle East? Wherever you may be from, our world is so small and this menace too global for it be of no concern to you.

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But these questions are really irrelevant when you consider something far more important about this subject - who you are in Christ. You thought I was going to write a post about the apocalypse, prophecy or raise the alarm over the dwindling and increasingly anti-Christian environment in many parts of the Middle East. No, the keys to peace aren't out there... just open your hands and look, you're holding them!

And it's really that simple. As the real church - and let me define 'church' as the body of Christ made of every one who has put their faith, not in man or religion or denominations or even 'churches' but in Christ Himself, yes that's the real church - and so, as the real church goes, so goes the country. This is true no matter what nation and city you are in.

When the church thrives, embraces the good news, joyfully gives thanks to God, has a flourishing culture of prayer, worship and grace, and does it all in love, then the country will thrive. When the church fails to prosper and is mostly occupied with going through doldrums of religion, it begins to walk in a powerless, Spiritless, Graceless Christianity - or really, Christ-less Christianity and with that the country will slowly fail and fall into the gloom of decay. If the church is mired in divisions and legalism and many of the body's members seem burdened, defeated, lifeless and joyless, you can expect nothing better from the nation it's in.

For a moment, reflect on your country. Reflect on the world. You'll notice indeed when the churches are strong, their respective nations will prosper in every way. See the nations before and after, use history. Or watch how nations seem to crumble slowly and that crumbling matches in an astounding display of correlation with the crumbling of the church! I don't wish to name names.

And no, God is not to blame. Firstly, the Middle East is one of the most heavily demon-infested lands I have ever encountered. There's a reason why bloodshed, violence on a mega scale, environmental destruction, corruption, religion, persecution, dictatorship, war and poverty are so endemic to this region. There are ancient strongholds here that have kept these peoples shackled to these inventions of Satan. Really... we think the problem lies in regimes, religious leaders, dictators, politicians or the culture... the problem is far deeper because it's origins are spiritual, not physical, social, philosophical or psychological.

But there is another force, much stronger, yet long, long, long unused. That supernatural power is our God-given power, the power residing in every believer in Jesus Christ that can transform his/her world. We really don't know how to wield this power. In the spiritual realm we have mighty weapons, whose effect on the enemy is so great we can scarcely imagine it... yet we can't even handle the simplest, spiritual slingshot! And that's gotta change and it's gotta change fast.

In the Middle East, this truth is playing out with believers hardly aware of it! There are some regions in countries plagued or surrounded by Daesh that are prospering. Why do you think they are prospering? Because though small, they have relatively strong, thriving churches! Is it that God has spared those places? You think God is the author of Daesh? You think it's His doing  - war and the bloody machinations of terrorism and the countless atrocities committed within them? No, this prosperity and protection or lack thereof is not of God... it's of the church. As the church goes, so goes the nation!

And let me make this more personal... as your soul goes, so goes the nation. It can boil down to just one man or woman. Just one! Ask Abraham. He pleaded with the Lord about Sodom and Gomorrah because Lot, his beloved nephew was there... if there are 50 would you destroy it!? 45? 30? 10? 5?... Abraham, why didn't you say one?!... there was one, and his name was Lot.

You wonder then, "So what can I do?" Ah, I'm glad you asked and if you didn't, then let me create that question in your mind. It all starts with waking up... waking up to your righteousness.

Wake up to your righteousness... and the world will start to change. These aren't my words, they are God's (written for ages in His Book!). In my next post I'll speak about this foundational truth... I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing the news and sitting idly by, fearing the wars and what comes next. We're above all that. And you know what else... we're not only above it all, we're more powerful! Let's discover this truth together... subscribe and stay tuned for more to come!

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