Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Think like a superhero, act like a superhero

Battle hardened and weary, David rested under the shade of a scrubby tree. His hand ached dully, the result of hours of warfare on the field had taken it's toll on his hands. His sweat, mixing with the blood of his enemies had drenched his clothes under his armor. A mighty warrior, the greatest King of Israel, a man of promise... this is David who took the nation of Israel to a glory that was never seen before nor ever again. The battlefield was now a grim and horrific site, slain men, blood drenched earth and little fires scattered all over it. David wasn't fighting for land, nor was he even fighting for God. He fought to protect his people against those who massed their forces to destroy them. [Some may be tempted to extrapolate this great man and his struggle to events in certain parts of the world. But I tell you that what is going in the Middle East today has nothing to do with God, David, or Righteousness!]

And as he sat there, his mind strayed back in time, to the days where he frolicked joyfully on the rocky hills of Judah leading, not a nation of millions, but just a few sheep to grassy patches and stubby oak trees. He guarded his sheep so jealously that he gladly risked death taking head on the lion and the bear... just to save a few sheep.

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David saw the little he was entrusted with as a shepherd, as his highest call. So great and intense was his desire to be successful in guarding and guiding the sheep that he willingly gambled his life by attacking the mightiest beasts. Any sane shepherd would have never even thought of risking their life for the sake of a one or two sheep.

But that attitude - the attitude of fearlessness and recklessness for a few replaceable animals - is one of the most man-making characters under the sun. He was a nobody in the middle of nowhere with no audience but mindless, cud-chewing, four-footed beasts. But he took his little task so seriously!

And you know what was the result? When it was time, he rose as a leader, not of few men, a few villages, or even a city. He became the greatest leader of a nation, it's king. God was so pleased with this man, despite his many shortcomings and sins, that he chose to set apart David's lineage as the line of ancestors from which Mary and her husband, Joseph, would come from. Later on, Mary would be chosen to bear the Child, but it was both Joseph and Mary who would raise Jesus as a child.

I don't believe David just sat around mindlessly when he was a shepherd. I believe he was a deeply pensive man who knew he was called to greater things in life than just what he was doing at the moment. When his sheep were stolen by the bear and lion, he acted like a superhero who had to save the world, because he believed that he was a superhero. It shows that the little God had given him, as the youngest of seven brothers, mattered the world to him.

One day his dad told him to bring some cheese and refreshments to his brothers who were among the soldiers of the nation, fighting a war. They were doing some noble, heroic and worthy. He was just a delivery boy. But he didn't see himself as a delivery boy. He saw himself in the light of God, not men. It was David, the shepherd, delivery boy who rose to save Israel that day when Goliath taunted the armies of God.

God has given you talents. He has given you skills. He has given you opportunities, assets, people, tasks, positions, or whatever else it may be. These things may seem so insignificant and pointless to you. So you're flipping burgers at McDonalds? So what. Don't despise the day of small beginnings. Understand that God has so much planned for you. You can act like a superhero, because that's who you are in Christ. Fame and glory the way the world defines it is secondary. They may come and they may not. In Christ you're truly called to greater things... and those greater things start today not tomorrow.

David Roiel
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