Monday, April 27, 2015

Turning failure into victory - Jesus' way!

In the deserts of Egypt long ago a people languished under the eternal sun in forced labor for generations. One man from their number would be raised in the palace of the Pharaoh. He grew up as a privileged prince while his people barely survived the torment of mass enslavement.

One day Moses would confront the very system that raised him. He would ask for the freedom of his people. And he was answered... "No!"

Have you heard that recently? Rejection is horrible. True, you can change every rejection into a redirection as a Joel Osteen quote that I recently read would say. But what if there was something better than simply diverting the flows of failure to another avenue?

It was the first time Moses would hear that n-word, but more importantly, it was the first time he saw the hand of God moving on his behalf too! Not a long time after, the waters would turn red, blood stained and reeking of death. Moses appeared in the very palace he was raised yet again... let God's people go! No! Was the answer again. And so the scene was repeated! 10 times Moses heard "NO" and yet he persisted.

When the armies of Egypt pursued them to the edge of the Red Sea, he almost faltered, but that day the Rea Sea became as dry land. And so it was, every time Moses faced a "No!" be it by the word of mouth, dire circumstances or new enemies what would happen? Nothing short of God's Glory. Each any every one of these challenges, failures, problems, terrors resulted in the manifestation of God's glory.

Moses learned from each of those instances. He grew in faith and kept growing. But contrast this to the Israelites he led out, especially those who were mature adults. What was there attitude? Every time Pharaoh said "No!" what did they do? What did they say when they found themselves sandwiched by the military might of Egypt and the forbidding seas? How did they react when hunger and thirst, the specter of death in the desert, began to haunt them? What did they do each time new foes would rise and stand in their way?

They would falter in unbelief. They could not believe. Not just a lifetime, but an entire social narrative of a people who had been enslaved for four centuries, poisoned the ancient Israelites and taught them that failure, defeat, death and the curse should be their lot. I believe that's why Moses was raised from within the palace of the Pharaoh, and raised as a prince. He was raised to expect victory, far from the misery his people were experiencing. As a prince, he was used to power. If he raised his finger, dozens would rush to his side, prostrating themselves in submission. Who dared ever tell him "No!"? Shielded from this culture of defeat God would worked awesome wonders through this man.

O how many a child of God still think like the slave? When they face mountains, they give up. When a door closes, they turn back. When someone rejects them, they are humiliated. When new enemies rise against them, they wish they were still under the power of their old enemies!

Why do they think like slaves? Because they don't think right. They don't understand what the cross means! The cross isn't a symbol that denotes where people of some religion stand. It's the loudest declaration under heaven!


Jesus was cursed, with every curse. Every time you expect harm to come your way, you think like a slave under the command of the curse. Every time you think you will be punished for your sins, you trample on the cross and what it means.

Listen to Jesus.

When you face mountains, He tells you to move them!

When you find closed doors, He says knock!

When you face rejection, He says seek! Ask!

And when you face new enemies, remember! If God delivered you from the old foes of your life, how much more the new ones?

As sons and daughters of God, we're made to not just survive by the skin of our teeth, we're called to thrive and shine the glory of our Father. So think like the prince you are, not the slave you were. That is your destiny!

Action point: Are you still believing lies about what God truly wants for you?

Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. 

John 8:35,36

David Roiel
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