Thursday, April 16, 2015

The secret of being bold as a lion

Would you like to live as if you didn't have a care? Would you like to be happy, free, rested, living life without burdens, without worries, without fears... enjoying each day and all the blessings you already have manifest in your life?

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The other day, I was talking to God while sitting in my parked car. I was worried, worried like I've never ever been before in my life. I felt as if I was drowning, the sun grew dark in my eyes and my way became obscure to me. I poured out my heart to the Lord but then I turned to the passenger seat and thought of Jesus sitting there. He was smiling and smiling with a wryly smile.

How in the world are you smiling while I'm going through utter misery? Is this You being compassionate? Hehe. I didn't say that of course, or even think it. Instead, that smile meant a million words to me.

"What are you worried for? Really? You... worried? Have you forgotten everything I Am, all I've said and done, and all I've made you? Do you really think your fears are going to be realized? Hey, if I'm with you, what true evil can really befall you?"

His smile told me all I needed to know. I was in total distress, but He was in total peace; calm and happy. What if I told you that all you worry about today, worried about yesterday and will worry about tomorrow is simply a decision on your part? You'd probably agree. Now what if I said that the decision to not worry was also totally in your hands? What if the solution to your anxiety was as simple as switching on the light (of your heart and mind)? Switch it on and instantly you're no longer afraid and fretting.

This is the secret of the boldest of God's children. They do not worry, because they choose to not worry. They do not fear, because they choose to be bold and free of worry. How can this be? Because they trust in God.

They believe He has a good plan for them.

They believe His will is always for their good.

They believe all things work together for their own good.

They believe they are victors and that faith is the victory of this world.

And as they believe, so they are, so they rise and so they walk their days as strong lions.

Today, take stock of your worries. Throw them at the feet of Jesus, and then stand tall, look at the face of your beloved Savior and notice His smile. That is the answer to your every prayer.

He is willing.

Do not LET your hearts be troubled. 
Jesus of Nazareth - John 14:1 -

Not letting your heart be troubled is something only you can do... don't even close this page till you do!

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