Friday, March 27, 2015

How the Name of Jesus can change the world and some everyday stories to show it

God has many names. I Am who I Am. Yahowa. That's His name right? Along with dozens of others. They tell a story. God the King, the Almighty, the Merciful, the Provider, the Warrior and so forth. Yet there is so much to a name. Which one of them might He most exalt? Which one did He choose to raise high above every nation, tongue, people and tribe?

Here are some true stories about how the sons of God lifted the name of Jesus high above their circumstances and saw amazing results:


It was evening and barely anybody was on the streets. As Maria waited for a bus, she fidgeted nervously. A woman alone, on a lonely street, in a dangerous city. She began, for some reason, to speak in tongues. And now a ghastly woman, with an ill look approached her. Suddenly, the stranger pulls a knife and pushes closer, "Give me your money lady or I'll cut your face!" she growls.

"You shall do no such thing, in Jesus' Name!" Wow, Maria had no idea where that came from - firm and to the point. But she did the moment she realized what her would-be mugger began to do.

"Oh no, Jesus, no, no, no, good girl. I can't touch Jesus, no, no, no." as she scurried away.


One day a man took a hike. Deep in the forest he found himself when a massive bear emerges from the thicket and begins to attack the man. Overwhelmed, he falls to the ground, the bear is about to rip his flesh apart as in futility he raises his arms to protect his face. It then occurs to him to cry out,

"Jesus! Jesus!"

Silence. The bear immediately stops, turns around and leaves, grunting on his way.


One day I found myself in a house praying with a friend over a woman seeking spiritual help. Her mother, just at arm's length. We opened our mouth "In Jesus' name... if there be any evil presence in this woman..."  Immediately, this woman began to quiver and shake. Whoa, let us finish! It was just an 'if' too! I remember thinking "Hey, all this Gospel stuff is really for real" (I had been a Christian for years and I was thinking that.) We fought with a demon and I still remember the demon's unnatural strength working it's way through the woman. But at the name of Jesus this demon crumbled and left right before our eyes.


I felt something was coming. I began to declare blessings of protection. I began to confess "The violence you have done to Lebanon shall overwhelm you..." Hab 3:17, in the name of Jesus. I called upon others in the country to pray. And they did... on Facebook. Two weeks later it was announced that a major ISIS operation was uncovered, one in which the entire eastern border would be attacked and multitudes of villages overrun. It was uncovered the day we prayed. There is a reason why ISIS has stopped at the gates of my nation and others like Kurdistan. Our brothers and sisters, here and there, know the name of Jesus and they know their royal priestly calling.


The name of Jesus isn't just a nice sounding, Anglicazied version Yehoshua. It's the Name of God Himself, the One He chose to reveal Himself to the world because it is the clearest description of His will for you and I; Yahowa Saves. Salvation isn't a high-sounding theological word - most people say, "Are you saved?" and mean "Are you in? By the skin of your teeth, are you in?" But that's like buying a diamond and using it for gravel on the parkway. Salvation means so much more; restoration, protection, provision and abundant blessing over and above all you can ever deserve.

Courtesy of AirmanMagazine (modified by DR)
The prince of the world (Satan) is very active. He is constantly destroying, killing and stealing. He wants you to believe the lie so you'd accept the curse you're redeemed from. So remember today, the Name above every Name that will send scuttling away every presence, no matter how powerful, and make them bow to and wield it on your lips and in your heart!

Just call on the Name of Jesus!

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