Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why worship is the answer to everything

All was darkness. Not a sound to hear. Formless was the earth and the Spirit hovered over the waters. This is the beginning of Life... nothingness. And then you hear it, the voice of God, resounding in all existence... "Light! Exist!" And then there is light. When it was the right time, He spoke to the Earth "Earth! Give forth all kinds of creatures according to their kinds." and, as the Scripture records, the Earth gave forth all kinds of creatures. He spoke and it was. And it was all good.

But God did not command man to existence. Instead He fashioned him after His own image; He took dirt from the Earth - the same Earth that just gave rise to those life forms - and He blew on it. The breath of God! The Spirit of Life, gave life and spirit. And that is the beginning of mankind. A man with spirit, mind and body, unlike any of the creatures of the sky, sea or land. Here was Adam, made in the image of God.

This is why worship is the answer to everything. In worship, we do what we were made to do, we enrapture ourselves in the love and mercy of God. We receive of His abundance and bask in the sunshine of Grace and Glory. Worship is in Spirit and Truth.

Many think that worshiping our Almighty Savior is an act where they must give to God. Sure, you may say that it is... we give praise, thanks and honor, but how can we give anything to God? In reality, worship is being satisfied in the Lord, sweeter than honey, delighting the soul, quenching our thirst. This is what gives rise to praise, thanks and honor in our hearts!  

I'm sure you've eaten delicious meals before. They may have been prepared nicely, their smell may have been mouth watering, but how do you really enjoy a meal? Why of course, you eat it and savor it, all in the presence of your loved ones! In the same way, Jesus came, giving us His flesh and His blood! He is our Feast, the Feast of our souls, and in Him is our delight. Our fuel is God's love and our purpose, to worship Him, precisely by enjoying and being wowed in His presence.

In another post, I will write about how praise conquers our inheritance, however worship of the Eternal Treasure of Heaven (aka Jesus) is nothing compared to faith, hope and all the blessings of earth we long for and want - those are all temporary. His utmost gift to us was and always will be - His Son, His Love, His Grace, and His Glory! We now can eat of the Bread of Life - as much as we want; and drink of the Spirit of Life - whenever we want, for He freely gives to you and I, His all, everything He is!

So how is worship the answer to everything? Because God is the answer to everything and when you worship Him, you savor His presence and commune with Him like nothing else existed in the universe. This is worship, it's what we were made for and it truly is the answer to everything!

David Roiel
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