Friday, February 6, 2015

Never forget the rainbow in the storm

We are forgetful. Of all the things that forgetfulness sneaks inside your life, none is more damaging that the forgetfulness of God’s goodness that you can see more clearly when you look into your past. You waited months and years to be where you are now and all of a sudden, as if you’ve been in this condition forever, you act as if God never did anything in the first place and all you can expect and wait fearfully for is a gloomy, dismal future. Afterall, life has been stormy… but that’s why God puts rainbows in the clouds; for you to remember His covenant with you, one that is far more superior than the Noahiac covenant!

Courtesy of Flickr-Moyan Brenn (text by DR)
God has made such a covenant with you. And He is bound by it’s obligations – He wrote it and did so with His own blood - coming to effect the day the Sun of Existence bowed His royal head to death.

The other day while taking a day trip with my family, I was angered by someone’s driving. The situation was compounded by a cynical attitude that had been festering in me for some time. As my wife consoled me, advising me to prevent this experience from ruining my day, a white dove came flying by us. This white dove flew alongside our car, just meters away for what seemed like a really long time. I have never seen a bird do that. It wasn’t even dodging our car, it was leading us. (And it was the first time I had even seen a free flying white dove!)

Our conversation quickly gave way to sighs of awe as we marveled at God’s intervention in our conversation. I was silenced and joy broke through those clouds of pessimism and grumpiness. God is here to remind you – and He sent His Holy Spirit for that reason saying,

“Remember Me! Remember what I have done for you! Remember it every day and never fear. I bought you here and here is where you shall grow and reign like a mighty cedar planted on the high mountain. Wherever the sole of your foot shall tread, all the land is yours and favor drips down on you like the torrents of rain. So even if dark clouds loom on the horizon and rain makes the many wet and cold, on you – son of My desire – it gives life!”

David Roiel
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