Thursday, January 1, 2015

This year, don't focus on what you need to do - rest in what He's already done for you!

Let's face it, life is messy. Don't believe me? Have you ever seen the birth of a baby? Parents and siblings among us know this too... we start off our journey on earth as completely dependent and incredibly sloppy little things or should I enumerate the various products we make as babies? (New Year's morning, we wake up and the first order of the day was a poop emergency... this is an inside joke for all parents). But as we grow, we learn how to be neater, cleaner and more organized!

I have a strange feeling that this is a relatively constant phenomenon in our spiritual lives too. As we grow from one stage of our faith to another, we mature and refine our walk in Christ but when we enter into greater glories and cross new faith frontiers, we find ourselves once again in the baby seat - sloppy, unsure of our steps and rather dependent. Sure, that's fine! We are born of the Spirit, and it's our Abba Father who's doing the parenting, coaching and coaxing - and it is His total delight!

Consider this ancient proverb; "Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest." (Prov 14:4). When there are no animals in the farm house, it's clean, it's smells clean and it's organized. But a fruitful harvest (life) comes only when the ox and it's strength is present!

This New Year, the messy and far from perfect situations and characteristics of your life are glaring at you and you're likely tempted to write yet another list of new year's resolutions... (those things never finish do they). You certainly can do more of many good things this year. And as you look back, you certainly see that you've done things you are not proud of, loathe and regret. Mistakes aplenty!

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There's is a list that is far more superior however to a New Year's resolution list. You know what it is? Well, it's a bit more complex than a list, and it's neither written with pens nor written on paper. It's the New Covenant of Christ - it's the opposite of a 'to do' list... it's the 'Already perfectly done' list and it's the one you should hold on to! It was written by Christ, on your hearts, with His blood while He hung on a wooden cross and cried out with an earth shattering declaration - "It is finished!"

Here's what it says:

Where you failed, I succeeded!
Where you were defeated, I am victorious!
Where you were at fault, I did it right!
Where you sinned, I am holy!
Where you fell short, I rose higher!
Where you lack, I have abundance!
Where you got sick, I am healthy!
Where you died, I live evermore!

Don't let your heart be troubled, nor let it fear, for all I did, I did on your behalf - for you! 
All I have, I gave you!
And finally, all I AM, I made you - that like Paul you may say "I am what I am by the grace of God!"

I know, we have goals, and it's good to set them, to reflect and learn from the past, to move and press on with perseverance and hope precisely because God has called us to  enter wonderful glories and fresh frontiers of faith. But the all important list, isn't one that makes you feel like you fell short and heaps guilt on you - it's the one Covenant that makes you right, strong, and joyful for this year, all your lives and eternity!

Wishing you a very LIFE-FULL year and many more to come,

David Roiel
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