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Isaac's secret - the heir of Abraham

Isaac was the heir of Abraham, but he didn't just inherit his father's title, wealth and clan; he inherited the promises of God as well. Now, between the death of his father and Isaac's rise into biblical greatness, a lot of time passed, until one day he sowed all the seed he had left during a famine - you can read more about Isaac's gamble here. This act of faith was what launched Isaac into an unimaginable level of influence, prosperity and wealth.

Meditate on this!
But these events still don't reveal what Isaac's secret really was. And so little is written about this very calm man. He didn't fight in battles or conquer kingdoms. He had a single wife, two sons and lived a rather quiet life. So what was his secret?

If you look carefully at the Scriptures you will find the first instance of the man - Isaac (Gen 24:63). There he is, meditating in the fields at dusk. Such a small, seemingly insignificant detail is actually the bedrock of Isaac's faith and the pillar of the prosperity he experienced later on in life. He was a meditating man.

But what was he meditating on? It wasn't the Bible because it didn't exist, nor was it a mantra he recited with his eyes closed. He was meditating on the gospel, on the Lamb of God. He was thinking about the cross!

Sure he lived about 2000 years before Jesus would die on a hill called Golgotha, near Jerusalem. But as a boy, Isaac too was bought to a mountain top by his father in what was Abraham's most difficult and torturous act - to sacrifice his son. Isaac surrendered to his father's will, and literally put the dagger to his neck, but suddenly an angel stopped his father and pointed to a ram stuck in the thickets. From then on, that mountain was called "On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided!" Gen 22:14 Indeed, that mountain was the same mountain that Jesus was crucified on! (And if it wasn't, it was extremely close to it).

That event would forever mark Isaac's life. He literally witnessed one of the Bible's most vivid pictures of what God would do in sending His Son to die for the world's sins. He may have not understood it as we do today, but he caught a glimpse of it that would change his life. Forevermore he would know that he was alive because of a Ram - Jesus - whose horns were crowned with thorns, just as the Son of God was.

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Isaac was thinking on the love of God towards himself. He was thinking about all that Jesus would do and sacrifice for him. In short, he was thinking of the cross. That was the secret and pillar of one of the Bible's greatest men.

Perhaps it's time we became a people of meditation too. Not on what we have to do for God, nor by reciting prayers we hear or books we read. But simply on the cross, the greatest act of God that ever was...

Jesus didn't call us to mediocrity and a life of slavery; He did His all to make Sons and gave us His very Life. It's time we discovered our inheritance!

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