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Why the "Messianization" of Christianity will waste your life.

Before I write a single word, what in the world is "Messianization" of Christianity, as I just called it? It's simply the attempt to reintroduce a system of laws that make us more righteous or acceptable in the sight of God. Many talk about spiritual warfare, including myself, but the law working in your life, is enemy number one... it is literally the power of death, the power of sin and it works through guilt in your heart.

Now the Bible is a wonderful, Holy Spirit-inspired Book from beginning to end. What is neither wonderful nor inspired, though, are the many ways people interpret it. There is a growing tendency for people to "Judaize" or "Messianize" their faith in Yeshua (Jesus). Great, I love it, say Yeshua, say Yesua, learn Hebrew, understand the true fulfillment of every law in the gospel of Christ, there isn't a single iota in the Old Testament that isn't rich with blessings for you. (At the same time and I must stress, most people are very ignorant of the Jewish Nature of the New Testament. There is a need to understand that Yeshua is a Jew of Israel, He is the Lion of Judah, the Root of Jesse, the Annointed One of Israel and declared that not one 'yod' of the Law - Torah - would be abolished but rather He came to FULFILL the Law. The last part about fulfilling the Law is what I am elaborating on here and it means Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the Law on our behalf setting us free from a religious law system through which one tried to be righteous.)

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Some go back into thinking you're living in ancient Israel during the days of the Old Covenant. They even start to be afraid to say Yahowa. YAHOWA! Or YAHWEH! Shout it aloud, and why not? He's your Daddy! Now Yeshua is THE NAME (HaShem) above all for it means Yahowa Saves and that is the true heart of God.

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There is a reason that no temple stands in Jerusalem today. There is a reason that the ark of the covenant has been conveniently 'lost' (it disappeared from common public knowledge in Jeremiah's time). That reason is because Jesus came to build the true temple of God - the body of Christ. He anointed that ark with His own blood, forever atoning for the sins, not only of the ancient Israelites, but of every tribe, people, tongue and nation of this earth, that was, that is now and that will be.

God doesn't change. He's always been the Father of Grace to all. The righteousness that we stand in today, can't be perfected any further, you can't add to it anything by obedience. In fact, the spirit of obedience (for becoming righteous) is in direct opposition to the Spirit Himself, since it is through Him that we put to death the misdeeds of the flesh, not through the fleshy efforts to obey (see Rom 8).

So what is Christmas? It really means, behold the mercy of the world is at hand for every soul. No longer are we to be bound by a duty to obey. We are now sons and daughters, so let us come freely to Him, we are always with Him anyways; we are always accepted and He is always delighted!

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By David Roiel
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