Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Know your righteousness, stand tall!

Righteousness has found a home. That home is you. There is nothing you can do to add or take away from it. Many think righteousness is a state achieved by performance. Give, worship, pray, tell the truth... and so forth. What a travesty! The reason for that is because righteousness was freely given to us at the highest cost in the universe, the shedding of the Son of Man's blood. When we think a few nickels and penitent charity can make us righteous, we demean this Sacrifice, we demean Christ!

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His blood sealed a covenant, a will. The recipients of that will are all the sons and daughter of the Almighty. Every single one of them is an heir with Christ. On that wretched cross ages ago, as death seemingly swallowed up Life Himself, something greater than the creation of the universe occurred... Jesus became bound to our sins, the Light of the world swallowed up all it's darkness. So tight was this union, Paul said that Jesus "became sin". This amazing occurrence coincided with another amazing fact. That is, His righteousness became ours, but not simply in metatheophilosophical way (allow me to coin a new word once in a while!). We became the very righteousness of God!

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. (2 Cor 5:21)

The enemy is constantly trying to get you to believe otherwise. And there's a reason for that. As sharks smell blood from miles away, the guilty heart of a child of God attracts spiritual sharks. These precious but vulnerable souls are confused when the storms of life rage from within and without. They begin to accept that these onslaughts against their welfare are somehow from the hand of God. The results are weak and confused followers of Christ, who end up embracing the very law that could only bring death. Their worldview becomes molded upon their experiences as they think God has cursed them for sinning. This is Satan's delight, unleashing his evil ploys and making you think it's really in the name of Love, that your Father has done such things.

Today, don't be fooled any longer. You are righteous and if you fall seven times or seven million times, you are still ever the more righteous. Look to the rising of the righteous... look to your rising, never to your falling!

Jesus can be found in the most unlikely places!

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