Monday, December 29, 2014

God's cooking great things for you this year!

I love cooking. Especially when the sun is shining. There's something about me and food; besides the fact that I love eating, I also thoroughly savor the process of making a great tasting dish, the startling aromas of spices, verdant crunchiness of greens, delightful sights and tastes of fruits & vegetables (with garlic and onions aplenty) and there's something about fresh fish, meat and poultry that seems to awaken the carnivore in me!

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Every good cook knows that time is your friend. Rush a cook and you're likely to leave the table unsatisfied; something will be amiss - too salty, too creamy, too watery, you get the point. It's the same exact thing for God I believe, except the meal He's cooking, is really your life... not that He intends to devour you with disease and curses, He is crafting the most delightful journey on this side of eternity for you and that takes time.

What are the breakthroughs you are waiting for this year? A soul mate, a step higher in your career, conquering your fears, starting something very new, getting out of debt, having your first child, or perhaps healing? I am going to be very direct with you - God isn't God if He doesn't love you in a way you can touch and see. In fact, the greatest revelation you'll ever receive, is just how real and seemingly too-good-to-be-true is His love for you. Somehow, religion has taught people that the God who created the universe in it's breath-taking, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing beauty, creativity, diversity and magnificence would somehow wish upon you the ugliness and dreariness of poverty, mediocrity, disease and sadness! (The memory of Adam's sin is strong in humanity, yet we speak of the Son of Man, Jesus, who took upon Himself all of mankind's sin forever.)

You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing.
Isa 42:20

Nature is a good teacher and it teaches us how amazing is God's love for us and for Life! This year, breakthroughs are on the way, maybe they'll materialize in your life very soon, maybe later, it doesn't matter. Be at peace knowing His will for you, pouring out your heart to Him, not hopelessly and desperately like a servant who doesn't know his master's will, but with the confidence as a friend of Christ's and the trust of a child whose Dad is God.

Start your year aright,
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Half the fun in a meal, is actually making it. Your journey today, might just be full of precious, priceless moments... enjoy it and be sure that He prepares a table just for you (Ps 23:5). Take a seat! Greater things are coming!

David Roiel
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