Monday, August 4, 2014

The truth about money - conversations with God.

I realize that for some this may sound weird but I have a strong feeling that many in the body of Christ are beginning to wake up to a reality that they can actually speak to their Daddy God anytime, anywhere and about anything as much as they like! Here is one such conversation about a subject no less jarring than money.

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What is money, son? People think that if they have money, they have power, right? But why do you have power?

"I have power by the Holy Spirit." I replied.


"And I have power by virtue of who I am in You..." I continued hesitantly.

Good. So what good is money then?

I shrugged...

All money on earth is a foreign currency to you. Look at it to see that... money doesn't have My image on it, does it? Now, you go about having bank accounts, but where is your treasure?

"In heaven." I said.

Son, your treasure coffers are full! Brimming over with every good thing. Never be shackled by money, it's lack or debts! Never.

You have great riches, great power, far beyond all that money can buy - that's all money does... it buys. It gives an illusion of freedom, when those who rest most in money, work the hardest! Whether they have it or not.

But you have heavenly riches! The good treasure of heaven is wide open to you; it's everlasting, it brings life, joy, and peace! It's tasty! Beautiful and of true value...

I was thrilled but still had questions. "But does it [the heavenly treasure] have power to change my life? On earth? And how?" I asked.

Yes. It is MY FAVOR. 

Who needs money when there is favor? Look at the parable of the shrewd steward. He bought favor using his master's money.

Let me ask you... how much favor do you have?

"I knows it's a lot." I meekly replied.

You know, but do you see?

This was getting interesting. I started looking with the eyes of faith... "I see it," I said. "It looks like a river flowing mightily..."

What makes the flow increase?

"According to my faith... to receive! Just receiving!" I joyfully replied.

Then RECEIVE the abundance, overflowing, inexhaustible, ever increasingly more glorious by leaps and bounds... and reign in life!

Amen. Let him who wants to hear, listen and receive! Blessings to you all.

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