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4 reasons why today's Israel is falsely identified with prophecy and what it really means for you.

[Note: This was a post I wrote way back in 2014. Much has changed since then, yet these 4 points are still unfulfilled. What has changed has been in my perspective. Clearly, God's returning of the Yehudim (Jews) to the Land is something miraculous but as this article is pointing out, there is so much to be fulfilled. I want to make it clear, that I write what I do with much love for Israel and the Palestinians as well; both peoples to whom in the natural I would have every reason to resent and hate due to the things they have done to my own nation. 

I believe the enemy has done everything he can to discredit God by sowing bloodshed, oppression, hatred and extremism among the the peoples of the Holy Land. Satan has also waged a relentless war to eradicate the Jews from the earth, since what better way to discredit God as a liar who abandons His promises to eliminate those who are physically descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

As this article alludes to (and also a more recent one I wrote here which more explicitly states the following groundbreaking fact), the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are not just limited to the Jewish nation of today. In closing, my utmost desire is for the all peoples of the Land of Israel to live in peace, with dignity and joy, and above all discover the Redeemer, Jesus the King of Israel and Savior of the World.]

This is not a political statement meant to support or rally against any political force, state or entity. Read my writings, I would never wish death and destruction to any people, group or country. We have swords and we have weapons, but they are not of this world nor are they fought against flesh and blood. Instead, I wish to expound on how many people in the body of Christ have believed a lie... and though the fruits of this bad seed are not yet borne, it is not innocuous and can lead many to an even greater and shadowy deception. But, that being said, there is a far greater and encouraging truth hidden by this web of lies! Read on and I hope you're blessed!

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I have never seen any political conflict target the body of Christ as much as this one. I find it extremely curious that pro-Israeli groups pointedly target the born again Christian community of the west to shore up support for the state of Israel. Do you see the Ukrainians - on either side of the conflict - doing that? Did you see that with the Yugoslav wars of the 90's, the Indo-Pakistani wars, or any other war? Isn't it strange that there are people who want the children of God to politically support a state even though they are neither citizens of that state nor have any connections with it? What is going on???

What makes the situation even more puzzling is that the Jews who believe Jesus of Nazareth to be their Messiah are persecuted and denied at least some rights as citizens of the state of Israel. So why target people whom they consider religious enemies in many ways? 

There are plenty who will speak of dark, satanic and occult forces upholding some sort of conspiracy theory. That's not what I want to do nor do I wish to infect the believer with fear - we are not called, as children of God, to live a life of defeat, afraid of the future. We are called a Royal Priesthood, the salt of the earth, peacemakers and friends of Christ. 

Ezekiel 37 speaks of one of the most profound and difficult prophecies of the ancient Scriptures. Many have pointed to the creation of the State of Israel as a fulfillment of this prophecy. In reality, the so-called fulfillment has caused a conflict that forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes creating the largest populations of refugees ever known and has sown nothing but misery, pain, vengeance and hate in the Levant. This is by far the most common twisted interpretation of Scriptural prophecy today. I believe the inspiration for this interpretation is of hellish origins designed to bring believers ultimately back to the Law - so that they would forfeit their inheritance in Christ and fall away from Grace. There are even darker things which these forces aim to bring upon the body of Christ, but they are to me as yet shadowy and too obscure to write about with confidence. 

1) The prophecy of Ezekiel 37 calls for the reunification of the Northern and Southern ancient kingdoms of Israel - namely, Joseph and Judah. 

If you don't understand ancient Biblical history in this regard, you'll miss this point. After the reign of Solomon, the kingdom that governed the 12 tribes of Israel was divided. To the south, ruled by the house of David, was the Kingdom of Judah - the smaller portion of ancient Israel that mostly consisted of the tribe of Judah and to a lesser extent Levites, incorporated Benjamites and Simeonites. Today, this comprises the region of the West Bank roughly. To the north, the other tribes were ruled by various kings of no single lineage. The Northern Kingdom was destroyed and exiled by the Assyrian empire, while the Southern Kingdom fell to the Babylonian Empire's conquest shortly afterward. Both empires enforced a policy of forced migration where they moved around their conquered peoples as way to better control the lands.  

This prophecy speaks of the rods of Joseph and Judah being made one (Ezek 37:16-22). The fact is, it was only those of the Southern Kingdom who returned in the times of Nehemiah and Ezra. The Northern Tribes were assimilated and lost. Indeed, the Samaritans, who numbered about 1 million in Jesus' times, were from the descendants of the Northern Kingdom who remained in the land. But after many centuries, today - undoubtedly their descendants are still there but have different religions - only 300 people identify themselves as Samaritans living in the West Bank town of Nablus. 

It's completely false to claim that the Jews of the diaspora that returned to Israel in the last century are from the 12 tribes of Israel. The Jews are descendants of the Judah-ites... Judah is pronounced Yehuda, from which the Jews, pronounced Yehudim are derived. Yes, there are different groups of Jews - Askhenazi, Sephardic, etc but these are all Jews, descendants of the citizens of the Kingdom of Judah. (By the way, they are all genetically related and that is scientifically proven). Today's Israel does not claim to be a state for the ancient Israelites, but rather a Jewish state. Thus the state of Israel does not fulfill this major component of the Ezekiel Prophecy.

2) A King from the line of David must rule them... i.e. Jesus! (Ezek 37:24)

This part of the prophecy speaks of how this divided kingdom, made one again, will have One Shepherd, who is identified with David. David had died many centuries before Ezekiel wrote this, so who does he mean by 'David'? He means, of course, the Son of David, the Root of Jesse, Jesus Christ! Jesus spoke of this too when He said "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd." John 10:16. 

Wow! I hope you are starting to understand what this prophecy is really speaking about!

Today, on the flag of Israel you will see something that is called 'the Star of David'. This is not a Biblical sign, nor does it have anything to do with the King David. It has dark origins. I have a feeling this is an attempt to deceive people into thinking that Ezekiel 37 speaks of the creation of this state.

3) This prophecy speaks of God dwelling among and within His people, not in a temple made by human hands (Ezek 37:26-28).

Today, you who are in Christ, are a temple of the Holy Spirit. In the book of Revelations you will see the same city being described here: "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God." Rev 21:3. Hmmm! Is this the case today with the present nation of Israel?

4) So what does this prophecy really speak about?

This is really exciting! I hope that by now you've read at least some of the 37th chapter of Ezekiel. Did you catch the part about dead and dry bones coming to life and forming a living, breathing body?

He is talking about us, the believers of Jesus in our time! 

I believe this prophecy speaks of the Body of Christ... the holy and pure Bride of Jesus, the Church as it should be - don't confuse this with religious bodies of any type! Instead, the Bible speaks of every believer in Jesus of all time, as the body of Christ, where Jesus is the head. And here it speaks about how it was dead but comes to life all under the care of Jesus, the Son of David as He was called. 

We are living in this time... the sons and daughters of God are waking up to their righteousness, their power, their inheritance in Christ. They are beginning to truly dwell with God and commune with Him like they never did before. They are ever increasingly seeing more dreams, more visions, more signs and wonders and miracles and healings. 

We lamented for years how wonderful the first century church was, how powerful it was and how much light it shone into the world. Yet now is the time where we shall even reach greater glories than before. My friends, welcome to the new dawn!

By David Roiel The Green Leaf Blog-Discover your inheritance!

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