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5 truths to see that the days of the miraculous aren't long gone.

Some think the miraculous are a thing of the past. And yet, curiously enough, they hold so dearly to the belief that 2000 years ago a Man died for their sins and, amazingly, rose from the dead. These fellows will always point back to this Man's works saying "He healed the sick, He liberated the oppressed, He gave life to the dead, bread to the hungry and did so much more." Some of these poor fellows will go to great lengths to say that the miraculous today is impossible, that God wills sickness and disaster and death, that any so-called miracle is an act of the devil... incredible!

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But I think, most believers of Jesus Christ don't think like that. Yet when it comes down to their lives - the sickness they face, career troubles, terrorist threats, or natural disasters - they will hope for the best, expecting the worst. My friend, if you don't realize how fully Jesus paid for your sins, you will always carry guilt in your heart and condemn yourself. Subconsciously, you will live your days on earth thinking that the curse is your lot because you deserve it, since you haven't fully grasped God's mercy over you.

I've written elsewhere about your glorious righteousness, a gift from God given freely to all who receive it from His Son. But today, listen to my story, that of a man who at one time believed in the Son of Man, crucified for our sins, resurrected for our justification, but alas, despaired of the supernatural touch of God. Yes, for many years I followed and labored for Christ doing I-don't-know-what. All the while, I knew my life lacked the powerful touch of my Father and wondered why while greatly longing for it. I read about the miracles He did, I read how Jesus said we would do ever greater things then He did, and yet... where were these things?! How could it be today they were no where to be seen?

Let me tell you, many seek signs and wonders, I am not talking to satisfy those desires. If you want to see a magic show, watch Harry Potter (I must confess, I like the Potter movies!) No, but seriously, don't you think that our Father wants us to know and benefit from His power? Do you honestly think He who promised that the Spirit would empower us in every way would leave us to live our spiritual lives as only a matter of going to church, knowing the 'right' doctrines, Bible studies, prayer meetings and a few tracts left quietly on the bus?

Come on! If you want the miraculous in your life, please consider the following:

1) You are the righteousness of God in Christ. You know what this means? It means you deserve what Jesus deserves. Jesus didn't hand this blessing out as if they were cookies. The Bible says that He - the holy and purest Lamb of God - became sin so that you could be the righteousness of God. (2 Cor 5:21) Now that's costly!

2) Stop sitting under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This means you forget about doing right and avoiding wrong. (I'm not saying go and sin!) Instead, feed on the tree of Life - Jesus is Life! Feed on the Grace of Jesus Christ, He is the Truth. He's not out there to make you perfect... He already has.

3) Stop thinking that God is the source of good and evil. You can't heal people if you think that God is the source of their disease. In fact, never pray from this position. Settle it in your heart, sickness, death and disasters are not from God's hand. Ask the Spirit to verify what I tell you here (and everywhere else too!).

4) Get out of the mindset that the Holy Spirit in you is a like a spiritual policeman waiting to catch you sinning. Your sins are paid for. He is not that at all, He is your Father living in you, guiding you, comforting you, reminding you of your righteousness, speaking to you and above all, EMPOWERING you.

5) See yourself strong. The power that raised Jesus from the dead works mightily in you!

I believe we are living in a beautiful and exciting time, a New Dawn in the church age, a great reawakening of the people of God; not just about miracles, wonders and signs, but especially about His grace, His love and His will. He's blessed us with a truly glorious inheritance... and it's time we pressed forward to seize it all.

By David Roiel
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This post was originally published on 4/4/2014

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