Monday, June 2, 2014

10 fresh sayings of Grace - "My Grace..."

My Grace... washes all your sins away - those of yesterday, those of tomorrow and those of today.

My Grace... transforms your mistakes of a broken past into the bedrock of a full future.

My Grace... turns all you lack into an ocean of abundance.

My Grace... makes the broken heart whole, the sick body well and the foolish mind wise.

My Grace... calls you by what you are, not by what you've done.

My Grace... over you, speaks a good hope of a certain future, full of My Life, My Love and My Goodness.

My Grace... makes the dry land sing with the green leaf and the parched earth bubble with living water.

My Grace... makes the slave a son, the sinner a saint and the ungodly like Me!

My Grace... like a mustard seed that is sown and grows, makes the weak a mighty mountain and the dying a
thriving river.

My Grace... declares you just and freely gives you all I deserve and all I AM!

By David Roiel
The Green Leaf Blog - Discover your inheritance!

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