Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where can I get God's phone number?

As they solemnly gathered in the upper room, they all sat down to eat their last meal together. The golden light of the lamps made Jesus look other-worldly. He had just washed their feet and now He would teach them the last things before His death... this was His farewell speech. Are you ready to uncover it's secrets?

"Guys, I'm about to go now. But don't worry, I won't leave you alone. Eventually the technology of heaven will reach earth. Cell phones, email, Facebook, Twitter... all of these are My gift to you. Make sure you 'like' My page so you can always stay in touch with Me. I'll give you My phone number, but email is probably better to get your requests to Me; you will be so numerous that it will take time for My angels to sort through it all. There will be junk mail too, alas the world is fallen... ah! Oh, but for now, fear not. Just keep reading the Old Testament (yeah, the Scriptures you have now are quite old!) and make sure you write and read the New Testament too. A guy called Paul is going to show up and write half of it, so keep that in mind because he's going to persecute you before becoming My fan. Oh and one more thing, make sure you subscribe to the Green Leaf Blog and discover your inheritance!"

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Sorry, have to say this because some won't get it! I'm kidding. That's not what Jesus said.

Many people read Jesus' last words in John 13-17 yet few grasp the amazing things He said there and just go on searching for God's guidance, His words to them, through Bible study, sermons and prayer meetings. Nothing is wrong with that; I have studied the Bible for years, heard many sermons and gone to much fewer prayer meetings. But is that what you are going to settle for in your relationship with God? Going by indirect words here and there?

What if you could really talk to God anytime you like? What if you could hear His words and have a normal conversation, even - I daresay - a laugh or two, together? Wouldn't you want that? If you're satisfied with indirect communication, don't read any further. If you want more, then what are you waiting for?!

Jesus left you His Holy Spirit. He didn't say the Bible will guide you, sermons will teach you and prayer meetings will comfort you - in fact, the Book can't do all that unless the Spirit (the Bible's Author) is leading you through it. He said that His Spirit in you - who is always, and ever present no matter what stupidities you do or sins you commit - He will guide you into all truth, will teach you all things and will comfort you with all you need. He said that the Spirit will speak to you and tell you all He hears and remind you of all His words. Do you believe that God talks to us like this? Just as He spoke to Abraham, the one who is called 'God's friend'?

Jesus gave you the blessing of Abraham, remember? He calls you His friends too! (John 15:15) So go on. Ask and you will receive, just try to listen to Him. When you come to pray, don't just blabber your words and get back to washing dishes. When my sons calls out to me, I stop whatever I'm doing and ask what they want? You think God doesn't do the same?

Enough spoon-feeding on my part. The Holy Spirit is your heritage. Listen to Him and be blessed!


Yes, I hear God and He hears me. He is My inspiration, even in this blog, ha! And that is the biggest breakthrough of my life, being able to talk to my Father, whenever I want and however I want. Nobody ever told me this was possible or shared with me what I'm writing you today. Don't be afraid of doing crazy things. Those who say "God told me so" and go about killing or doing horrible things, aren't hearing God! Jesus is the perfect brilliance of His image and glory - whatever you hear from God will always, if it's from His Spirit, align with the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ. Remember that and don't be afraid!

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