Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When warriors worry

Worry is but your imagination used wrongly. Use your imagination to see yourself as you truly are... blessed beyond measure in Jesus Christ!

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I'm a naturally gifted worrier! (Yeah, I really meant worrier not warrior). I'm amazed at the level of complexity my mind has in creating scenarios that are completely imagined and never happen. One of the worst things you can tell a worrier is "Don't worry, just be happy!" It has absolutely no power whatsoever to bring peace to your hearer's heart.

Of course when Jesus says "don't worry" it's a completely different story. Why? Because He tells you what to really do, instead of worrying. He told the crowds standing there on the mountain side,

"You of little faith! Don't worry then, saying 'what are we gonna eat or drink or wear?' You Father in heaven knows that you need all these things! So seek His reign and His righteousness [a gift of God's grace which declares you worthy of all the treasure and goodness of heaven]... and all these things shall be added to you!"

And to the man whose daughter had just died while he was bringing Jesus to heal her, He said,
"Don't be afraid. Just believe."

And finally, to His closest friends on that fateful night in the upper room, He assured His beloved children,
"Don't let your heart be troubled. Don't let it fear. Trust in Me."

Jesus wasn't talking about some kind of intellectual belief in a theological precept. He was saying and still says today to you and I,

"Look, I will take care of you. You need to let go of your fears and worry, trust Me to take you there. Trust Me to provide for you. I won't force you to come with Me... so believe in Me, trust in Me, depend on Me. I will take you higher than you have ever gone before. I assure you. I promise you!"

We were born to be hope-filled warriors of light not distressed worriers of a coming darkness. Really! So today, stop imagining the worst. Instead of thinking of bad possible scenarios, think of outcomes that are far greater than you can imagine. Maybe things won't turn out exactly as we had hoped for because sometimes we don't know what we truly want, yet our Father knows.

I am sure of one thing... God will keep no good thing from you (Ps 84:11). Nothing! So trust in Him today, throw your cares brazenly at His feet and use your imagination to bless yourself and others. In so doing, you will be wise.

Ok? Good. So now let me say it... Don't worry. Just be happy! Because in Christ you already have everything!

By David Roiel
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