Thursday, April 3, 2014

Turning the other cheek doesn't mean what you think!

For centuries people in Christianity have thought that timidity and submission was Christ like humility.

Is the church blind to it's call?
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Did Jesus turn the other cheek when He rescued the woman caught in adultery who was publicly shamed and threatened with being stoned? Did He turn the other cheek when He found merchants taking advantage of the penitent by selling sacrifices in the temple courts? Like livestock, He drove those swindlers out of His Father's house. When the leper came to Him and asked "If You are willing, You can make me clean", instead of hushing the leper and telling him to go back to the leper colony (like He should have according to the Law), He laid His hands on this "unclean" man, and said "I am willing!" When they came to arrest Him on the mountain side, He stood up and just by saying to them "I Am" the troops fell down as if they had been struck by an invisible hand. Frightened, the mob left His friends alone and He allowed them to arrest Him. Jesus was not afraid to break culture, tradition, or stand up to any injustice. He always came to the aid of the oppressed, cast out and rejected. Could it be that we've misunderstood the meaning of turning the other cheek?

Today, how many genuine believers in Jesus Christ do you know behave like kings? We tend to elevate those who behave like slaves, who simply accept being mistreated and are too helpless to aid the defenseless (I'm not talking about resisting violence with violence). People are afraid to hear what I'm about to say because they see kingship like the world defines it and not like Jesus models it - He is the King of kings who came to serve and not to be served! So who are those kings to which He is king over? There are only a few monarchs left in this world, so who are these 'of kings' referring to? You're the king! You're the queen! The Bible is so clear on this; Jesus calls you His friends, His brethren, kings, and priests too (Rev 1:6).

You see, Jesus laid down His life willingly, and no one took it from Him. Turning the other cheek is a sign that you have a higher authority and power than those who are seeking your harm. I honestly don't know how great the extent of our authority is. There are only hints of this dispersed here and there in the Scriptures. But I do know, for example, that we will judge angels and, I daresay, even the world and this is our honor (1 Cor 6:2,3; Ps 149:9). Friends, it's time you broke free from the chains of thought that keep you from being who you are; a son and daughter of God whose  been given heaven and earth.

The world shouldn't be tossing you here and there like a kite in the sky. Nor do you have to stand aside idly, helpless to rescue the oppressed and defend the poor (Luke 4:18). He conquered the world and offers you His kingdom. And the call which He had, you now have too!

"Come My child. You are not below, I have called you to be above. Not to lord it over others, but to be a blessing and deliver the many from chains of darkness and evil. I didn't come to make you bound to religion... I kept you here on earth, that you may reign on it! Now is the time."

By David Roiel
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