Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The antidote to fear.

Fear's bane is love. I know, that's such a cheesy cliché... 'love, peace, happiness'. I'm not one to take a liking to such singular words thrown so loosely and profusely. Simple put, it's vague... too vague in fact to leave it at that.

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How can a mere word 'love' be the answer to any type of fear... large or small. You're facing bombs or the specter of cancer or thinking of taking the plunge and starting a business or, above all other challenges hopelessly trying to muster your courage to face the most daring feat of your life... asking her on a date; and all you can muster for encouragement is 'love' with a sigh?

Hehe. But seriously, God's love is the answer to fear. Not just the ephemeral, omnipresent and ever so theologically correct love of God. No, it's your Father's love for you, poured out in waves upon waves by the Holy Spirit, straight into your heart (Rom 5:5)... that is the antidote of fear. God loves you, not like a master loves the usefulness of his servants, nor as general who loves the strength and vigor of soldiers, but as the Father of fathers, a powerful love with utmost devotion, reckless sacrifice, ardent desire and great delight!

"My child, this love that I have for you is stronger than everything you will face in your life. It is stronger than all the wars of man, all the destruction unleashed by nature and all the decay of flesh. Not one thing small or great can ever compete with My love for you. You don't need to fear a thing, knowing that I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind. Don't be afraid. You are my son & daughter... and I am your Father. Today, just rest. You are in My hands, rest and receive My love." Amen!

By David Roiel
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