Monday, March 17, 2014

The world says you can do nothing... Jesus said you can do everything - Saving Syria.

As you look around at the millions of hurting people, near and far, do you feel a sense of helplessness in the face of such evil? Child of God, you're called to reign in life and be a blessing! Please read on and click on the video link at the end of this post.

One day Jesus sat in front of the temple treasury. Such a public place of donations offered a great opportunity for the rich and opulent to display their generosity. As the hundred dollar bills came in stacks, one 'poor' old lady shows up with two little pennies. She threw her coins in but no one noticed... except the Son of God.

Let me tell you something about this woman. Everyone thought she was poor, except herself. Jesus pointed her out to the disciples and honored her highly saying that this woman gave away more than all the others because she literally gave all that she had to live on. (Talk about financial freedom!) This anonymous woman knew that that God was her provider and therefore saw herself as a benefactor. Instead of thinking 'How am I going to live on so little?' she said 'Thank You God for your provision. I really want to bless others with what I have.' 

If you too think like this and are looking for someone to bless, please consider this plea by Save the Children or anywhere/anyone else you would like to help.

By David Roiel The Green Leaf Blog - Discover your inheritance!
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