Thursday, March 6, 2014

The secret of becoming fearless

It's not enough to know the clich├ęs. When clouds of a fearful future begin to obscure the sun you need to understand that fear and worry are not in God's vocabulary for you!

You know how many times God says "do not fear" or something similar in the Scriptures? At least 99 times. Sure you know that God is with you and loves you but somehow sometimes that knowledge isn't enough to still your troubled heart. You know why that isn't enough? It's because though you know it, you don't believe it. There's a huge difference between being able to repeat a mantra, however true your words may be, and really receiving these truths in your heart. When you are spiritually enlightened to see that God loves you and He's constantly with you (and for you!) then fear will dissipate like the morning fog and worry will slip away like the darkness at dawn.

"When I tell you not to worry, I say it not only because I am taking care of you. I don't want you to live your days afraid and frightened at what the future holds. Tomorrow hasn't even come for you, but for Me it is there always. I have gone before you and behind you and hemmed you in. If a parent loves their child to death how much more do I love you... even to My death on the cross. My son, My daughter, not only am I your shield but I have also blessed you with My strength so that you, yourself, would rise and conquer all your fears. So rest in My love. Close your eyes and see, you can always rest with Me."

By David Roiel
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