Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The one thing that kills the hope of a good future is the memory of a hard past!

Stop for a moment. Assess your life, look around you. Is this all there is to your life? Will you dare to believe God for more? Will you dare to dream today? For a prosperous future, a good hope and a full life overflowing with incredible blessings?

The saga of the ancient Israelites is rife with instruction for us today who are in Christ. These were real people, a real nation, who lived and breathed as we do. They probably had no idea that their lives would become stories told for generations to come all over the world. For 400 years they sojourned in Egypt and eked out their living as forced laborers. When God delivered them from that land of slavery they could scarcely believe it. At every step of the way they doubted. When God showed them their inheritance, a land flowing with milk and honey, they only saw it as a cursed ground filled with towering giants. They couldn't bring themselves to believe that God actually had a good plan for them. They thought their Lord delivered them from slavery only to have them starve in the desert. 

Today, believers in Jesus are no different. Like the Israelites, they look to their past to see what lies in the future. They see their disappointments, their hardships, and their tragedies, all they have experienced and extrapolate that to God's will for them today and tomorrow. When they hear about their inheritance in Christ, a state of blessedness beyond their imagination for their lives, not just in heaven but here on Earth, their hearts are too wounded by the past to believe and hope. Is this the case for you? Have you been hurt beyond a hope of restoration? Has your past taught you to be hopeless, pessimistic and negative? 

It's time you do some unlearning. Understand God's will for you... He did not spare His Son from death on a cross, how will He not bless you abundantly so you can live strong and joyful today? Whatever your situation, dare to dream of a great future. God has not called you to obscurity, to live your lives like the millions who have no hope. You have hope - even if thousands around you are battered by a bad economy, destroyed by raging wars or just simply depressed and bored; God's will is to make you like a tree in the desert, planted by streams of living water, it thrives though the land is dry. It stands tall, evergreen and fruitful. This is the picture of you. This is how you should see yourself. You, child of God, are like that tree, planted by the Rivers of Life, the Holy Spirit and God has promised an awesome future and a wonderful hope for you!

"Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." 
Rom 15:13

By David Roiel
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