Monday, March 10, 2014

See yourself strong

If only you knew how much God's power is at work in you!

Jesus Christ was full of power, such power like no man ever had. One day, He looked on the crowds who had been out in the wilderness listening to Him for days. They were hungry and He felt their hunger. He had just been healing and delivering people from every kind of sickness and demonic oppression and yet faced with this slight problem He turned to His disciples and asked them to feed the crowds. It's not that Jesus wasn't able to make bread out of the stones the people were stepping on to feed them - even Satan knew He could that. You see, Jesus was full of signs and wonders that must have been awesome to behold. Some say He made living birds by blowing on a handful of dirt!

With so many in our world suffering from hunger and poverty, Jesus has compassion on them and looks to His followers to feed them! Unfortunately, most of God's children are themselves mired in a mentality of poverty and lack. Though all their needs are met, many have a consciousness that they do not have enough and therefore giving to help others is something not on their minds. When Jesus asked the disciples to feed these thousands of people, they had no doubt that they had enough food for themselves, but they simply could not fathom that the what they had at that moment was able to feed the immense crowds with food that was worth thousands of dollars by today's standards. It must have also shocked them that after taking part in this miracle they ended up with so much more food than they originally had for themselves!

All they had to do, Jesus told them, was to see the little they had in Jesus' hands. The same Jesus who blew into dirt to create sparrows, blessed these few loaves of bread and fish multiplying them so that myriads of hungry men, women and children would feast on a delicious and much needed meal. As a son and daughter of your heavenly Father, right now, no matter what your financial, emotional, physical or spiritual condition may be, you have great potential to help all you are in contact with. Just perceive that the little you may have is not only sufficient for you, but in the hands of your Savior it can be a mighty help to the poor and oppressed. This is a great secret which you would do well to make your own. This day, be confident in His leading as you act according to the divine nature God has already made you share with Him!

"that you may know... what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe." 
Eph 1:18,19

By David Roiel
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