Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fearful of blessings... the sure sign of the law.

Some hate to hear that God wants and wills to bless them. That's the surest way to know you're under law not grace.

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Thousands of years ago, in the deserts of Arabia, the ancient Israelites camped from place to place. The time had come to move into a land 'flowing with milk and honey'. So Moses their leader, would send 12 men, one from every tribe to scout and survey this good land of their inheritance. They came back sharply divided. Most of them, ten to be precise, related to their people how they saw a giant race of humans, ferocious, fearful and stronger then anything they had ever seen (yeah, these are the same guys who saw the parting of the Red Sea!). Their fear mongering achieved it's purpose... it spread like a wildfire among the entire nation and as a result the Israelites would wander in these wastelands for a generation.

Today, many in the church are like this too. Rather than seeing God as willing to exceedingly bless them because He is good and loves them very much, they choose to see Him as harsh and tough, as a Master who demands utmost obedience. There were 10 spies who reported this and that number is no accident... it's the number of the law, the number of the commandments written on stone - it is a ministry of death and condemnation according to the New Testament.

If the good news creates revulsion in you it is because you are under law, a law the enslaves you and condemns you to death. Whatever the degree of law one may be under, it produces neither righteousness nor life.  Understand that when you hear of God wanting to bless you, you must put your experience and prejudice aside! The ancient Israelites I spoke of had grown up all their lives in forced labor and slavery. All they knew, all they experienced was thorns and sweat, pain and blood. Such a hard experience infected their minds and prevented them from grasping God's love and desire to bless them.

Today, look at Jesus to see how much God loves you. If you have sinned (and you will again) He has forever forgiven you. If you are sick, He has healed you. If you are poor, He has made you rich and well supplied. If you are under attack, He is your shield. He is the true expression of God's will and desires for you. This is your inheritance! Those under grace, under Jesus' grace and truth, are those that discover it!

"For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ."
John 1:17

By David Roiel
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