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6 Mysteries of Noah

If you've seen the movie Noah (2014), here are some important facts about this man who changed the world. This post is linked to the devotional: Movie meditation: Noah - God's image and will is in you.

Courtesy of Roderick Elme/Flickr
The Nephilim - gods of the ancient world, the stuff of legends of old (Gen 6:1-7)
Noah lived in a world where wickedness thrived greatly. In those days, angels had relations with females and bore children. Their offspring were called the Nephilim, they were giants with super human powers. It's my opinion that the memory of these beings is still present today and found everywhere from Native American lore, Greek mythology, the Hindu pantheon and elsewhere. And guess what? They may have somehow survived the flood according to Genesis.

Who were the watchers?
According to the Book of Enoch, which is not in the Bible, but is quoted, or at least alluded to, by Peter and Jude in the New Testament (2 Pet 2:4 and Jude 1:14,15), the watchers are the angels mentioned above who polluted the race of mankind and taught them technology, science, sorcery and much more.

Noah was perfect in his generations
Noah walked with God and had great favor in His eyes. But the Bible adds one more intriguing detail; he was "perfect in his generations". I believe this means that Noah and his family did not have any ancestors from the Nephilim. 

The name of Noah means rest

Noah's fathers and sons
Noah grandfather, Methusaleh, lived 969 years and died the year of the flood. Noah's father, Lamech, lived 777 years and died a few years before the flood came. Noah entered the ark with his wife and three sons, each accompanied by their wives... they were 8 in all. Shem, Ham and Japheth, along with their wives, are the ancestor's of today's world.

Courtesy of SaraYeomans/Flickr
Noah's ark is found
It's very possible, in my opinion, that the picture here is what remains of the petrified wooden ark of Noah, found in east Turkey today, on the mountains of Ararat (search for Ron Wyatt).

Have you got more questions about Noah or this time of history? Feel free to leave your questions here or email me!

By David Roiel
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